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COVID-19 resurgence causes event cancellation

Mayfair News: Poor crop doesn't dampen harvest enjoyment; great weather a factor

MAYFAIR ‑ Harvest is approximately 50 per cent completed in our area. We are thankful for the nice summer-like weather that is making harvest a joy to be outdoors. The winds help to dry the swaths after a rain, so here's hoping everyone stays safe, so the rush to harvest completion will be successful.

Deepest sympathy to Barbara Sorensen and six daughters on the passing of husband and father Ken at the age of 77 years in Elrose. Farming all of his life, Ken grew up west of Mayfair until he and Barb moved to Rosetown three years ago. A man of many talents, he drove the local school bus for 17 years, painted and was a grain buyer.

The fall craft sale and farmers market has been cancelled by our local library due to the COVID-19 variant that is spreading. Some places are still advertising similar events with wearing of masks and perhaps social distancing.

The lower level of Allen Sapp Gallery is displaying local artist Jean M. Dunn's collection of wildlife paintings. My sister Joan and I viewed these gorgeous art works Sept. 19 at a reception where we met this talented woman. She does big game hunting with her husband.

Billowing dark smoke rising in the sky could be seen for miles this past Sunday morning as a neighbour's baler caught on fire in a field south of Whitkow. They hurried up with water trucks to douse the flames and thankfully no one was injured. Many passersby on highways 378 and 376 were curious as to what was happening.

Speaking of highways, our 378 (enroute to Rabbit Lake ) and 376 to Mayfair has proven easier travelling, as there are few potholes thanks to the re-construction that did away with the pavement. Frost causes many problems and we should be experiencing less heaves and potholes.

This year voting in the federal election is taking on a twist besides going to the designated polling stations. One can now cast their ballot if they went online to request one to be mailed to them. This is helpful as the election is at an inconvenient time, especially for the rural folks. The government even has the voter pop their ballot into a postage paid envelope. I live 37 miles from the nearest designated station for me to vote in North Battleford, yet only 11 miles to my hamlet of Mayfair and my mailing address. I voted at an early polling station because I needed to do business in town.

Remember, voting is a civic duty and a privilege so no complaining if your party does not get elected if you didn't vote.