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Hot weather a boon to crops

Meota News: Twenty-five golfers turn up for a round Thursday.

Delton and Cheryl Vandenheuvel from Escape Sports came out for a two-day SUP event with their two-year-old son Zyare.

MEOTA — This heat is bringing on the crops quickly, and before we know it, harvesting will begin. I haven't been out far, but haven't seen one new hay bale yet this summer. The pastures where the cattle are should be good grazing with the rains we've had, but they'll need hay this winter.

There seems to be more tourists in the area as we see strange vehicles and campers and boats. That's what summer is all about in a resort village like Meota. Most every house has an influx of summer company with extra vehicles and people. I still have not heard if swimming lessons will be offered, or not. Maybe folks will enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding, making it a family affair. 

The streets in Meota seem so very dusty, the worst I can recall. The streets in Lakeview have been sprayed making them dust free. Much nicer and a good investment.

The eighth annual Pasta Night was held in Meota’s Community Complex on Saturday evening, July 16. This event is a major fundraiser for the Lakeshore Lion’s Club and was well attended. The pasta was yummy and the entertainment was great. Lion members, and many who are not members, contributed time and energy to make this event a success. Many thanks go out to all who had a part in making it an evening to remember.

Bridge games in the Pioneer Hall on July 12 saw two and a half tables in play. Top score went to Joeann and Rudy Wiens with second place going to Jane Groves and Donna Scherman. Games on July 14, again had two and a half tables. Top score was by Vern Iverson and David Sharpe. In second were Anne Crozier and Cletus Scherman. 

July 15 in the Do Drop In there were four and a half tables in play. Top score went to Bev McCrimmon and Gordon Klein. Second and third went to the table with teams of three playing. Their second-place score was by David Sayers, Lillian Sorenco and Arlene Walker, third score went to David Ottas, Stella Rendle and Lorna Pearson. Everyone enjoyed the treats brought by Vern Iverson, along with their coffee. This was a great evening of socializing with such a nice crowd out. 

July 14, the local golf course welcomed 25 senior players to a fine day of fellowship. The winning group was Gerry Goodheart, Annette Duhaime, Gen Wood, Kent Morton and Svend Christiansen. The winners of the consolation prizes were Dennis Tebay, Bernie Gregoire, Lloyd Ward, Janice Morton and Jette Dasilva. As the number grows each week, they are welcomed eagerly into the game. The course is in great shape and a lovely place to spend a couple hours, or more, outside with nature. 

There will be a bake sale at the United/Anglican Church on July 30 at 9 a.m.

Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail

(submitted by Trudy Janssens)

The weather was incredible for the two-day stand-up paddle board event.  Delton and Cheryl Vandenheuvel eagerly shared their experiences on paddle boards. Escape Sports Saskatoon supplied five blow-up paddle boards for participants to try. One of them was big enough to take out the whole family.

The volunteers with Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail had done sufficient promotion for the event resulting in a good turnout. There were several people from North Battleford, a few from Saskatoon and quite a few local members. Conditions were ideal on day one; no wind and smooth waters. Not great weather for sailing but ideal for paddle boarding. 

Winds were stronger on day two, but with a little practice it wasn’t that difficult to stand up on the board. Organizers were grateful for all the help in keeping the event running smoothly. Delton knows the rules and when people weren’t keen on wearing their life jackets, he pointed out that it’s a provincial regulation that there must be a lifejacket on the board.

The board of Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail are working hard to convince everyone that the best lifejacket is the one you are wearing. Being a good example for children is also an important aspect of water safety.  

Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail members are also looking forward to the try-a-kayak event coming up this weekend, July 23-24.  Classic Outdoors from Saskatoon will be bringing out kayaks to try. Members and the general public are encouraged to participate. 

These activities are free to attend and offer a tremendous opportunity to try out equipment before making purchases. The boathouse still has room to store a few more kayaks, but the berths are filling up fast. It’s our experience that these events draw in many new members. It’s a great way to meet new people, get out on the water and take advantage of recreational activities that don’t involve motorized equipment. Healthy outdoor activities help to overcome some of the challenges we have all faced during the pandemic.  

Membership numbers are on the upswing and interest is increasing for sailing lessons in Meota next summer. Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail have asked that Sask Sailing Association work with us to host sailing lessons in Meota the first week in July 2023.