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Jr. Cardinals and minor ball in action at the diamonds

Unity News

With restrictions having been lifted we still see a sense of caution and uncertainty amongst residents. All we ask is that regardless of what any business’s position is on continuing pandemic protocols or personal preferences on masking, please be respectful and kind as we are all in this together.

The Jr. Cardinals have completed regular season in a middle-of-the-pack scenario and will await the playoff picture to see how their season will continue. There is some great ball to watch folks, so keep an eye on their upcoming schedule to check out their next game.

Minor ball teams that are competing at upcoming provincial championships continue to play exhibition games and practise, so the diamonds are still seeing action. Check it out when you’re strolling through the park.

When the story in our local paper showcased more than $75,000 presented to UCHS graduates, people noted the community’s philanthropy to youth and investment in our future. The Masonic organization was responsible for $62,187 of this overall total, awarding 25 students with scholarships and bursaries. More than 31 scholarships and bursaries were given to 60 students.

Congratulations Donna Schultz-Abel from Unity Public School who was this year’s recipient of the Living Sky School Division Anne-Marie Merle Award recognizing service to children.

The Unity museum is welcoming visitors throughout the summer after their Canada Day kickoff. Come see what our history is all about and help support the museum and those who work so hard in maintaining it.

How about this unique pay it forward initiative? Residents Michael and Kathy Soloski held a garage sale, asking for donations, and they in turn donated $125 each to four community charities ‑  KC Rescue, Unity Library, Unity Community Resource Centre and KidSport.

There is a community card at Unity Credit Union for residents who want to extend their well wishes to former Unity economic development director, Carey Baker, and his family who are off to Saskatoon with employment. There is also a card box there for those who wish to extend a more personal note to this family.

Remember to support your community churches throughout the summer whether it is in person, online or with a donation to help them pay for operations. Our clergy have been diligent in supporting everyone throughout the pandemic as well as bouncing between online and in-person services.

The Unity Credit Union Aquatic Center has new hours for the summer and they can be found on the town of Unity website, on the pool’s Facebook page and posted at the pool.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...