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Knitted and crocheted items for sale at Rose Gill Lodge

Mayfair News: American outfitters purchase senior multi-unit housing complex
Rose Gill Lodge residents have put many hours into creating knitted and crocheted items for sale just in time for Christmas giving.

MAYFAIR ‑ Condolences to the Huard family of Whitkow on the passing of Esther last Wednesday. Their daughter Lauren is married to Kevin Liebaert of Mayfair and their son Brennan lives in North Battleford. She was an employee of Canadian Tire for many years. Esther's five grandchildren will dearly miss her. She was the daughter of Paul and Ruth Bilanski of Hafford area.

Deepest sympathy to George Lavallee's daughter Nikki of Humboldt. He was a resident in River Heights Lodge North Battleford after moving from his farm east of Mayfair. George was also a grader operator in the RM of Meeting Lake.

The Rose Gill Lodge senior care home in Rabbit Lake has a variety of home-made knitted and crotcheted items for sale ‑ mitts, toques and table doilies. Hours of intensive labour have gone into their creation.

Christmas Eve mass is Dec. 24 is 9 p.m. in Mayfair All Saints Catholic Church. The priest is still the temporary one, as the parish is waiting for a full-time one to cross the Canadian border.

Did you know the provincial parks are staying open for the winter months? One can still use the pass purchased in the spring. I'm wondering if people would actually pull their trailers and camp in the parks? Apparently, this is a service consumers want just like in summer months. I prefer to go somewhere warmer. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and making snowmen could be some of the outdoors activities enjoyed. Trouble is many campers have thrown away their stickers, but I am sure by there would be a record of purchase online.

New buyer for the Mayfair senior housing four-unit complex, most recently owned by the RM, is an American outfitter. It has been for sale since summer. Anyone wondering about vehicles with U.S. plates, now you know.

Dane and Jen Starycki family of Maymont will have lots to celebrate this Christmas as their oldest son underwent successful surgery in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in October. Their stay was brief, as Nate was released shortly after this lengthy procedure. Thank goodness for all of the computerized medical equipment in our days. Thirteen-year-old Nate was a premature baby with numerous problems and spent months in and out of hospitals in Calgary and Saskatoon. For the past couple years, he was sent to Toronto for examinations and tests with many specialists who expertly performed the most recent ileostomy reversal. COVID is one of the factors keeping Nate from attending school, but the family hopes he will return one day. His two brothers attend Maymont Central School.