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Mayfair News: Library hosting plant sale May 28

Meeting Lake concession stand open for the season.
Seeding has begun in the Mayfair area. Drivers are reminded to stay alert and be patient in sharing the roadways.

MAYFAIR — Farmers have started to seed in our area so there is extra traffic on all highways and side roads, so please be a defensive, alert driver. The ground has soaked up all of that heavy snow cover that slowly melted. There were no catastrophic scenes with water rushing and wrecking the roads this spring.

Mayfair Library is hosting their annual plant sale at Dora and Barry Brown's farmyard Saturday, May 28 starting at 9 a.m. Dora and Denise Taylor from Hafford will have a large assortment of annuals, biennials and perennials. Anyone interested in having a table of garage sale items is also welcome. For more information call Teresa at 306 246-4812 or Dora at 306 246-4848.

The library also has books of all kinds for sale at 25 cents and magazines at 10 cents each. Need honey? Again, what better place than at the library? One litre of liquid honey is $10, creamed honey is $12. This comes from a honey farm in Spiritwood.

Georgina and John Youst returned the end of March from their Dominican Republic vacation that they've been enjoying for a number of years. They were gone for two and a half months. Different people in our area vacation for a week or two but with COVID still in existence most chose to stay and endure the cold winter.

The Meeting Lake Regional Park concession is now open to the public. Tammy and Sandy are busy setting up their kitchen and are informing the public for this week the store hours are from 4 to 9 p.m. They sold many take-out meal orders on Mother's Day. The inside small dining area got crowded at times.

Lorna and Russell Buziak of Whitkow left April 5 to visit relatives on Vancouver Island. They flew to Victoria where they saw her brother Quenton and Heather, then to Duncan to visit his brother, Stanford and Joanne. Although it wasn't warm near the ocean, they did walk the beaches looking at many different sculptures and drift wood. The vacation was 10 glorious days and, at one point, they rented a cabin in Renfrew.

Rabbit Lake library is advertising for a substitute librarian. Previous experience is preferred but not necessary. The library is open three days a week. For information email or phone 306 445-6108 extension 228 or fax 306 445-5717. Also, in this small village, the seniors' centre is having a potluck supper Thursday, May 19. The cost is $5 and one doesn't have to be a member to attend.

I have been home from my winter getaway for a few weeks, but what a circus trying to fly home. My initial flight got cancelled three days before leaving, so quickly had to rebook another one. Of course, with last minute booking the prices get sky high. Rather than flying from Phoenix as I usually do, I had to fly from Palm Springs, Calif. When I got there, Delta Airlines was to be three and a half hours late and I would be late for my next reconnecting flight. Yikes! I was was told a shuttle would pick me up in one hour, but it was a two-hour wait in the airport.

En route to Palm Springs, the traffic was heavy. The driver was surprised, as it usually isn't usually that congested. I was not late but in Los Angeles, I was told I wasn't booked for any flights and would need to fly with West Jet. In order to get this dilemma sorted out, I went to 10 times back and between Delta and West Jet then to an information attendant, who was my saviour. By this time, 10 minutes before boarding, I was a nervous wreck.

When I landed in Calgary, I was told I was not booked to go to Saskatoon. The major screw up was with Delta airlines in Palm Springs who made a temporary ticket indicating all of my flights, but not a real ticket. In the future I'm always going to double check with the desk attendant and ask all necessary questions.

Fortunate for me I only had carry-on luggage and my big purse stuffed to the hilt. I made it on time for my granddaughter's dance recital and her 10th family birthday party.