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Mayfair and District News: Leoville hosts Timberland Rodeo this weekend

Ag supply business sponsors fishing trip to British Columbia.
mayfair flowers 2
Nothing can be prettier than roadside flowers bursting into glorious colours on rural roads.

MAYFAIR — With so many summer activities going on it’s hard to pick and choose especially when events are scheduled for the same day. Blue Rodeo played last Wednesday at TCU Place in Saskatoon. A friend and I had a very good day shopping, visiting my much older sister Lorraine Lensen in Vanscoy and ended with the concert. My vehicle making banging noises from a back tire. I needed repairs on the rotors, which was taken care of professionally the very next day. My main concern was would my vehicle break down en route late at night.

Everyone likes the excitement of annual events happening in small towns because it draws in many outsiders. The 45th annual Timberland Rodeo near Leoville is this long weekend, so if you like lots of action this is the place to be. Three days of events include kids, teens and adults, young and old. There is to be a dance on Saturday with a great band. This small-town rodeo draws a large attendance.

Our local library has liquid and creamed honey for sale. Also, an assortment of books for 25 cents each and magazines for 10 cents. Come see the cheerful librarian Theresa. If the book you want isn’t on the shelves, she can order it in.

July 23, three young local people got married. One wedding was at Mayfair Hall, one in the groom’s large Quonset on the farm site and the other in North Battleford. I will touch upon these special occasions in next week’s column.

Get well wishes to RM of Meeting Lake’s maintenance supervisor Kolin Bulmer.

Ryan Woloshyn found the fishing trip in the Fraser River, B.C. a wonderful four-day adventure. This was sponsored by a local farm supply business. Farmers from different regions were chosen to attend

Summer holidays are always a treat as it was for Peter and Sharon Babiy and son Curtis who travelled to Malpitas, Calif. Peter has an older brother Gene Barrie and family who were thrilled to have Canadian relatives stay for an extended visit. They left July 8 and, due to car trouble, returned 14 days later. Now with gardening and loads of yard work, they are busier than ever.

A few showers passing through the countryside have been a real blessing as we do need moisture. Some mornings there is plenty of dew on the grass and it has been foggy early mornings, but the sun manages to peek through, so we are enjoying what Mother Nature brings.