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Mayfair and District News: Local doesn’t enjoy bus ride from Calgary to Regina

Sask. getting a reputation for unreliable air service.
Larry and Linda Liddell of Rabbit Lake have been taking in dog sledding races this winter.

MAYFAIR — Heartfelt condolences to Bev (Darrell) Pollard on the passing of her 65-year-old sister, Jan Valliere, from Tolfield, Alta. She passed away the middle of February and is survived by a daughter, grandchildren and many siblings. A local name people in our area recognize is Bernadette (Orest) Demyon from Hatherleigh, who is also a sister to Jan.

Dog sled racing is still big in the north, as Larry and Linda Liddell of Rabbit Lake can attest. They have been watching the mushers and husky dogs race. Apparently if the day’s temperature is too warm, they will race at night as the dogs prefer the cold. Their youngest daughter Kaylie (Mitch) and family reside in La Ronge.

My second oldest son Greg and his wife Kelly from Saskatoon were holidaying in Hawaii for 10 days, returning with sun tans. Hawaii is expensive but still popular. Her parents were in Hawaii at the same time, so they vacationed somewhat together.

One of my acquaintances who doesn’t want to reveal her name wasn’t overly happy with being bussed from Calgary to Regina the other day when a West Jet flight was cancelled. It was a long bus ride arriving at 1 a.m. It has been stated by frequent travellers that airlines in Saskatchewan are proving to become more unpredictable and untrustworthy.

Oldest grandson to Cathy and Randy Aumack of Rabbit Lake flew by himself from Edmonton to Mesa, Ariz. (near Phoenix) to visit his grandparents during the February school break. Fourteen-year-old Liam’s days in the desert were occupied by shopping in nearby Algodones, Mexico, touring the lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetable crops, touring the local Yuma historic prison and the Imperial Dam. In California they were fortunate to see a wild donkey. There are many closed gold mines in the area that hold a lot of interesting history. Liam was fortunate to travel to Mexico with his parents Russell and Brenda and his two younger brothers during Christmas holidays.

Are we all anxiously waiting for pussy willows to eventually arrive? March has arrived so those small buds should appear in approximately six weeks. The winter blahs will slowly diminish and lift up everyone’s spirits.

Rabbit Lake hosts their snowmobile rally this weekend on well groomed trails this Saturday. Come out and enjoy the day.

The older you get studies have proven you become quieter. Life humbles you more deeply as you age so they say. The biggest one for most is one realizes how much nonsense you’ve wasted your time on. Have a great month of green as St. Patrick’s Day is approaching.