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Meota and District News: A final submission to the News-Optimist

Edam Enriched Manor enjoys Monday visits from daycare kids.
Edam Enriched Manor residents are planting the raised beds that will provide fresh produce throughout the season.

MEOTA — My last insert into the News-Optimist is to say goodbye to all the folks who have helped me with or enjoyed my column, over the years. All good things come to an end, they say, and this is just one more ending. It has been good having more family around than usual, lately, and I appreciate every minute of their time, often away from their own family. 

Canasta was played at the Do Drop In on Friday afternoon, May 12, with top score going to Linda Ard and Dave Ottas. In second were Eric Callbeck and Svend Christiansen, followed by Gwen Lacerte and Jack Stewart. May 19 the top score went to Albert Huys and Karn Kelly followed by Stella Rendle and Dave Ottas. Third were Jack Stewart and Vern Iverson. It’s good to be playing same time, same day and same place again, throughout the summer.

Many folks are enjoying summer company as the RVs hit the roads and summer company is welcomed. 

The folks at the Edam Manor are starting to plant their raised gardens, produce that will be used throughout the summer as each veggie matures and comes into season. There are so many advantages to living here at the manor —meals are home-cooked and so tasty, The company is always good. There is always someone to play cards with or share a puzzle with, someone to share your time and thoughts with or go for a walk with. Their program includes music at various times — sing-a-longs with the piano and guitar, various birthday celebrations, any excuse will do. Every second Tuesday there is pie and coffee served at the manor. It is a nice time for visiting and cheering up residents when some folks come over from the care home next door. Mondays are days that the daycare kids come over and spend time with their grandparents, many don’t have their own, and enjoy sharing time with those of others. Grandparents are often lonely folks so this is a bright spot in their lives to mingle with these youngsters.