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Meota and District News: Full house for canasta Jan. 27

Dale Howrie Meota Curling Club player of the week.
Canasta and cookies were the draws at Meota Do Drop In canasta games on Friday afternoon.

MEOTA — Some cold weather is the theme for this week. My daughter Joyce has gone off to New Zealand where they are having floods again, into one bedroom, too, at her cousin’s house. So, it may be summer there but a rather wet one.

The bridge players had three tables Jan. 24 with top score going to Linda Ard and Albert Blais. Second were Donna Scherman and Catriona Winterholt. The games on Thursday afternoon had three tables and saw top score go to Mary Phelps and Eric Callbeck. Earning second were Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen. It’s good to have three tables as the competition is higher and everyone enjoys it more.

Friday afternoon, Jan. 27, found five tables of canasta in play at the Do Drop In. Top score went to Stella Rendle and Nestor Fransoo. Second were Jack Stewart and Vivianne Lesko, and the next three couples pretty well tied for third place, within 100 points of each other - Linda Ard and Janice Morton, Carole Huys and Dave Sayers and Marion Ottas and Bev McCrimmon. This was what you would call a “full-house” and most enjoyed by everyone there. Marion's chocolate cookies added to the festivities and were appreciated.

Week 8 Recap

(By Derek Welford)

Fans in attendance Tuesday night were in for a treat, as they witnessed a spectacular game between two curling sensations, Pat Mohr and Gil Cadrin. An uncharacteristic miss from Mohr in the sixth end that gave Cadrin a steal of two points and an injection of momentum, proved to be a turning point in the game. With the hammer coming home, Cadrin hit and stuck for one to hold on for a 7-4 win as his team of Jim Cole, Lynn Cole and Susan Cadrin earned the two-point win.

Building off a strong performance from lead Raecine Franke, the Orchison rink stunned the Demontarnel rink with an aggressive three points in the fourth end. Darcy Demontarnel responded immediately with a monstrous six-point score that signalled the beginning of the end of the match, as Demontarnel won 8-4.

Almost a streak, as Colin Sharp won 9-1 in his match against Kyle Doom as they win their second game in a row. Derek Welford ran the Bru team out of the rink with a 13-3 shellacking and Becotte overpowered the Weber team 7-4. Relying on his strong front end of Dale Howrie and Marcel Bernier, Zane Lacousiere escaped with a 10-6 win over Evan Schmidt.

There was a barrage of high fives, exuberant cheering and celebratory beverages greeting the Dean Menssa rink after exiting the ice surface Thursday night after pulling off a miraculous victory over the Tait rink. The Menssa team consisting of Claude Parent, Lonnie Alm and Mary Ann Alm appeared to be in control of the game coming into the final end up by two with the hammer. Trouble quickly arose and they were facing four opposing stones in the house and the game could be seen slipping out of their hands. However, a confident Alm rose to the challenge with all eyes on him performing a perfect down weight hit and stick to score one and hold on to an 8-5 win, securing their first win of the season in dramatic fashion.

In a week filled with close and hard-fought battles where every shot could prove critical, Dale Howrie stood above the rest of the field and earns the recognition of curler of the week. The beneficiary of Howrie’s exceptional shot-making, Team Lacousiere, were short one player which called for Howrie to assume third duties. Delivering rocks to their desired location, directional sweeping and the outside-of-the-box thinking he brings to strategy deliberations, just scratches the surface on his overall impact and contribution to the Lacousiere win Thursday.