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Meota and District News: Hobby Band, Meota Chorus set to fold

Iffley Road construction detour continues to Sept. 18.
combine parade
It is so good to drive around and see several combines, in one field, and the dust just flying.

MEOTA — Harvest continues and it stays dry. It sounds like the yields are good as the early rains made it possible for them to get a good start. It is so good to drive around and see as many as three combines, in one field, and the dust just flying.

There was a graveside service for former Meota resident Bob Sattler from Vernon, B.C. held at the Meota Cemetery Sept. 14. He was only 65 years old. 

Bridge players gathered  Sept. 8 and the top scores went to Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen followed by Donna Scherman and Catriona Winterholt. The 10 players had a happy social afternoon,

The Iffley Road closure is extended due to constructor delays. Now completion date is set for Sept. 18 for the first mile from Highway 4 to Lanz Road. The detour route is Glenrose Road and Range Road 3163, with restricted weights and single lane traffic.

There had been a water line break on 1st Street East, that was dug up and repaired Friday last week. It was a big hole and a big job, so the repairmen should get a big hand for their speedy work. and I’m sure they were glad it wasn’t wintertime.

The crew that worked at the cemetery last week did the year-end job, and express their gratitude to all who turned out and helped during the summer. Their notice of appreciation is posted at the post office. 

It is with sadness that the Hobby Band and Meota Chorus are having to fold. Those who have taken part in the past are getting too old to carry on and the younger folks don’t seem interested. This is a group who have kept busy entertaining at seniors’ homes, mostly, and there are a number of sites they entertained at. These folks need these happy events to brighten up their lives, and break the monotony of routine living. The group have agreed to one more outing at Caleb Village Sept. 22 afternoon, with as many of the group as they can get together. They should receive a medal for their many years of dedicated service. They will surely be missed.

The seniors’ monthly meeting was held Friday morning with about a dozen members present. A card was sent to Svend Christiansen, and received when he arrived at the Battlefords Union Hospital. Vice-president Vivianne Lesko gave out information on upcoming art classes that could be taken by telephone, as well as courses on mental health and first aid.

She also gave a report on the SSAI conference she attended in Saskatoon. Shuffleboard will start up Oct. 8, under Nestor Fransoo’s guidance. The date chosen for our Christmas supper is Dec. 4, at 5:30 p.m. We are looking for entertainment for that evening.  At the next meeting Oct. 14, Rob Fegan will demonstrate how the defibrillator works, as folks are hesitant to touch it, let alone use it with no knowledge about it.

The over abundance of garden produce has been favourable for those of us who have no garden space and I, for one, appreciate every cucumber, zucchini, beet and tomato received. 

Some of the produce is enormous, and not wasted. Many folks have donated to the food bank where it is also needed and appreciated immensely.

The canasta crowd gathered Friday evening at the Do Drop In, and another great social event continued. The top scores went to Arlene Walker and Nestor Fransoo, second were Marion Ottas and Carol Huys, third were Karn Kelly and Vivianne Lesko. It was nice again that Ottas’s brought Jack Stewart along. He so enjoys his old friends in Meota. On the other hand, he is enjoying his life in the Edam Manor and glad that he resides there, especially enjoying the meals. We are always happy to see him, too.

Because the newspapers are full of British news and data about their Royal family members, the passing of the Queen has given them lots of fuel. Knowing for years that this would happen someday, doesn’t make it easier to believe. My sympathy goes out to her family. Watching the stories on TV brings back memories from years ago when my sister and I travelled to England in 1985 and spent five weeks visiting relatives and special places, in the London area and north. It’s nice that I’ve been to such places as Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace, several cathedrals and the parliament buildings. Having seen these places makes it easier to understand what’s going on. 

Here we are in September and our golf course is still green and playable. Sept. 8 saw 25 senior golfers out to brave the cooler weather. The top scores for the morning were a pair of 39s. Tied with Laurie Ward, Louise Goodheart and Ken Morton were Jack Day, Annette Duhaime, Marcelle Duhaime and Eric Callbeck. The Ward team won by a tree, as there was a stroke penalty for hitting a tree with a ball. In all a bit of a cool morning, but the fellowship was worth it. A reminder that the year-end wind up will be coming up on Sept. 22 so come out and enjoy another fun day of golf.


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