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New ag business offers high-tech soil sampling

Mayfair News: Grandparents ready for a season at the rink
Mayfair sky
Tumultuous activity in the afternoon sky near Mullingar. Photo by Elaine Woloshyn

MAYFAIR ‑ The majestic surroundings are almost all swooped up by the strong winds, but haven't we been blessed with nature's beauty?

Earl And Anne VanNortwick, formerly of Mayfair area, have a new home and are adjusting fine at Battlefords District Care Centre after been moved by family members from Caleb Village, North Battleford. At times it is difficult, but the caring staff make sure every client feels special in their new home. They would love to have their friends visit them at the new place providing COVID-19 rules don't get any stricter. Sons and a grandson live on the VanNortwick farm site amongst the rolling hills.

Another new granddaughter to hold and cherish for Fran and Gerald Ewanchuk of Whitkow and Great-Baba Stella of North Battleford. Son Brandon and Jenn of Blackstrap, south of Saskatoon, welcomed their second child Sept. 26. Congratulations to all. This is Stella's 13th grandchild.

A new business has been established for farmers called 4 SUNS AG solutions in the Battlefords and area. Jolene (Brennan) Strain is an agronomist and a mother to four young sons. The business entails: soil sampling with GPS co-ordinates taken. Vehicle tires will be washed after each field to prevent the spread of clubroot and the soil probe is washed after every sample for contamination prevention. Jolene is the daughter to Lorna and Russell of Whitkow. Wishing Jolene and Brennan success in their new venture.

The Buziaks will be travelling often to Saskatoon to cheer on two granddaughters, Keyra and Madison, who are on the AAA female 18 and under Saskatoon hockey team. Madison is Jeremy and Tanya's girl of Saskatoon and Keyra belongs to Jason and Brenda of North Battleford. Good luck to both of these hard-working hockey players.

Hockey season has started in small towns on the prairies. My two Maymont grandsons had their first practice this past Sunday at the Langham rink, which has artificial ice. Let's hope sports will be continue  to flourish this season. Being physically active is good for all.

I've spotted coyotes that seem rather tame as. On Highway 16 from Ruddell enroute to Saskatoon recently, there have been a number of road kill deer on the side of the highways and in nearby ditches. Yesterday a coyote was nonchalantly walking near the traffic on the side of the highway and not getting out of the way. I wondered if it might have rabies. Speaking of wildlife, near our farm there is an abundance of moose. It is mot uncommon to see a few grazing in the fields and bushes.

How many of you buy kitchen appliances and let them sit until actually opening up the box? Well that's me. A microwave was on sale at Canadian Tire, but the old one still had a little oomph left, so I waited for half a year before removing my new purchase from the box. The labels are all in French and I couldn't take it back because it was bought a long time ago. I Have to be extra careful now when using it.