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Spread too thin, but loving it

It is hard to believe that we are already over half way through January.

It is hard to believe that we are already over half way through January. Around our house it seems that only a couple of days have gone by since Christmas, but when I look at the calendar it tells me something very different than what my mind is telling me. On the other hand, as a member of the hobby band I, along with the rest of the crew, are already looking at the fact that our next booking is coming up quickly and we have basically two in a row to play with and not a lot of time to prepare

I am already involved, as are many other of the volunteers, planning for the big show when Those Were the Days will be making its return. Such is life where we have just rung in the New Year and we already have plans book for half way through this year. Thus goes my main New Year's resolution that I would spend more of this year stopping to smell the roses rather than rushing headlong to my final days. I did really intend to slow down and actually quit a few things, but there is the quandary. All of my involvements, other than working the odd bingo, are things that I am really interested in and totally enjoy doing. So how do I carry through on this plan to slow down a little? One solution came to my mind but when I really looked at it I came to the conclusion that giving up doing things here around the house would not wash well with Brenda (no sense of humour, but I guess I can grasp the concept).

This takes me back to the museum and Those Were the Days where I am being forced to make some decisions. Over the last few years, when we have had multiple weekends with different events going on, I have been able to indulge all of my interests at the museum. There was no conflict with other events happening on those days thus I could show up for a few weekends and enjoy my interests at my leisure. The problem now, with everything again scheduled for the one weekend, there is no way I can be involved in the announcing I have done along with working on one of the steam traction engines, running the flour mill and spending time with the antique car group giving rides around the grounds in the old cars.

I tried the photocopier thing but that did not work so there will be some serious planning in the next while. That is the downside to being possessed with a hyperactive mind. And yes, I will be helping Brenda out around the house and yard, which is also something I enjoy doing. (Smart man!) (Of course this last statement was from Brenda as she proof reads most of my work).

Over this past weekend the Meota Curling Club was active with a mixed bonspiel. There were 10 teams from around the area taking place. In the first event, first place went to Alexander Scott's rink with the Cole Tenetuk rink taking second. In the second event David Cole's rink placed first with Lee Gansauge's rink coming in second. In the third event it was the Scheible rink taking first honors and Dick Wisner's rink following in second spot. For all who entered the spiel it was a great weekend as well as for those who just went over to watch.

Over the weekend there was also activity at the Do Drop In for those competing in a shuffleboard tournament. As of deadline for this I was unable to get the final standings so those will have to come later. The turnout was good, so they have already planned the next one for the Saturday, Feb. 26. As usual everyone had a great time. If you want to register for this next one, call Yvette Lessard or Nestor Fransoo.

Jan. 6, the kaiser players faced of for their regular get together. First place that day went to Fred Gansauge, Ken Tucker took second, Adele Feschuk came in third and Beulah Corbeil followed in fourth place.

In canasta play Jan. 7, the winning team members were Bev McCrimmon and John Solominko.

In duplicate bridge action Jan. 10, first place went to Warren Iverson with Mary Greenwald following in second place.

Quote: "It is said if you want to get something done right give the job to a busy man, because the man who is not busy is already procrastinating on too many things".

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