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Variety night showcases student talent

Maymont School held a variety night May 19. There were several dance items, songs, a choir presentation, video presentation and an improvisational drama act. The program concluded with a video tribute to the principal, Bill Brand.
Maymont Central School Class of 2011: back row - Lucas Smith, Chase Seargeant, Justin Gillatt, Tell Kieper, Greg Maxwell; front row - Chyanne Vayro, Becky Bulmer and Kristen Hamp.

Maymont School held a variety night May 19. There were several dance items, songs, a choir presentation, video presentation and an improvisational drama act. The program concluded with a video tribute to the principal, Bill Brand. The playground committee served trifles and coffee for dessert.

Graduation was held June 3. The theme this year was "Be the Change You Want to See." A banquet was held for graduands, family, and staff. The exercises followed. The MCs for the evening were Justin Gillatt and Chyanne Vayro. Principal Brand was the guest speaker. Jean Brehon introduced the graduands as they were escorted into the gymnasium.

Tell Kieper was this year's Valedictorian. He also won the Paul Voegeli Scholarship and the Kare Ag scholarship. The history award was shared by Lukas Smith and Justin Gillatt. The athletic award was shared by Justin Gillatt and Chyanne Vayro. Justin Gillatt also won the English and math awards. He also earned the Living Sky Board Scholarship and the Maymont School Community Council Spirit Award. Becky Bulmer earned the Innovation Credit Union Spirit Award.

Earl Kieper, from last year's graduating class, earned the Governor-General's Medal and the General Proficiency Award. Chase Fouhy, another member of last year's class, also earned the General Proficiency award.

A tribute was given to family, staff and community, and then a video trip down memory lane was shown. The graduates left the stage through a cloud of dry ice to began a new chapter in their lives. The evening concluded with a grand march and social. The members of this year's graduating class are: Becky Bulmer, Justin Gillatt, Kristin Hamp, Tell Kieper, Gregory Maxwell, Chase Seargent, Lukas Smith and Chyanne Vayro. All the best for a wonderful future.

This year a group of Grade 10, 11, and 12 students accompanied by a few chaperones, including Mr. Nickell, went on a canoe trip of over 80 kilometres down the Churchill River system. The adventure started at Missinippi the week after grad. The adventurers paddled to Robertson Falls where they portaged a short distance and camped for the night. The next day they portaged again, paddled to Stanley Mission and stopped for some Chester Fried Chicken. Then they were off to Stanley Rapids, where they camped overnight. Another early morning took the paddlers to Nistowiak Falls. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery for a time and returned to Stanley Rapids where camp was again established. A free day included fishing, cooking, a scavenger hunt and lounging by the fire. The next morning the adventurers packed up camp and met vans at Stanley Mission.

June 21, all students and staff spent the day at Glenburn Park. Students participated in activities that were organized by the SRC. Elementary students played kickball, flags, and Maymont Central School's own version of "Minute to Win It." Students also swam, took part in a slip and slide and a scavenger hunt, tie dyed t-shirts, had their faces painted, enjoyed the four Astro jumps, as well as played with bubbles and on the playground.

The Grades 7-12 students played slo-pitch, capture the flags with water guns, lacrosse, Frisbee tic tac toe, kickball, lawn bowling, golf ladder, and Minute to Win It. They also swam and used the slip and slide, tie-dyed t-shirts and enjoyed the Astro jumps.

The School Community Council prepared a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon. It was a greatway to spend the day before going back to school where Grades 7 to 12 students received their recommends. Jan Friesen won a Kindle in the attendance draw.

The elementary students have finished house leagues for the year. Ashton Harris received the Sportsperson of the Year award for the boys and Janna Ferris received the award for the girls. The Roughriders were the winning team.

As an end of year activity, Grades 7-12 enjoyed workshops with Saskatoon artist Margaret Bremner, who, in three different sessions, taught students and some staff how to create intricate designs in a small space. You could have heard a pin drop as students concentrated on following the artist's instructions. Even many students who consider themselves to be impatient were able to be patient for this activity. The day ended with the school enjoying a concert by Tim Doran, a self taught guitar player, banjo player, and lyric writer, who, despite the acoustics, put on a terrific show for everyone.

The school would like to send our best wishes to Mr. Bill Brand, principal, as he retires after 33 years in the teaching profession. We wish him all the best in his retirement, and thank him for all he has done at Maymont Central.

Also, best wishes to Mrs. Kandice Walker, kindergarten and Grade 3 teacher, who has been teaching from October to June while Mrs. Nickell has been on maternity leave.

The staff and students of Maymont Central School would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer.

- Submitted by Maymont Central School staff