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Volunteer planting project 'tree-mendous'

Meota News: Spring brings a cacophony of birds.
tree planting
Twenty-six trees have been planted on First Avenue East and Beach Avenue in the village of Meota.

MEOTA — Credit is given to forward planning by Meota village council to fund the purchase of trees that have been planted on First Avenue East and along Beach Avenue. The initiative is to replace old growth maples, which are dying along the boulevards and have become a hazard to people and properties.

The tree rejuvenation project will aid in beautifying our community and help to maintain property values. The work of stump grinding, tree selection, site preparation and planting was performed entirely by volunteers. The budget included the cost for watering bags allowing trees sufficient water; giving them the greatest chance of surviving and thriving. These bags will be reused in subsequent years. In total 26 trees were planted this spring. We thank all the volunteers who donated their time and equipment to make this endeavour a “tree-mendous” success.

So many good things arrive with spring! Now the leaves are coming out, so the whole countryside is brighter and the arrival of the birds gives those of us with time on our hands, something to watch and enjoy. I have a pair of Baltimore orioles, along with the goldfinches, rose breasted grosbeaks, purple finches and many pine siskins. Over closer to the water are a multitude of sea gulls and geese. The one other bird that I enjoy watching is the popular robin. He so enjoys the bird bath and splashes away to his heart's content.

Highway 24 construction, between Spiritwood and Leoville, is supposed to begin after the May long weekend and be completed by the end of October. People have waited many years to see this happen. 

The Edam Scoop ice cream shop is open 3:30 to 9 p.m. in May and June and from 1:30 to 9 p.m. in July and August. 

The Spiritwood Gun and Hobby Show is on again June 18 and 19 at the recreation center. For information call 306-883-3150 or 306-883-2651.

The Pioneer Hall was the site for bridge players the afternoon of May 17, with three tables in play. The top score went to Catriona Winterholt and Vern Iverson. Second were Donna Scherman and Jeannine Beloin. May 19 the top score was taken by Gerry Craig and Mary Phelps, while second place went to Anna Marie Waldbillig and Albert Blais.

The Do Drop In was the scene for canasta May 20 with two tables in play. The table of six took both high marks. First place went to David Ottas, Cora Christiansen and Korn Kelly while second were Marion Ottas, Linda Ard and Vern Iverson. Everyone enjoyed their evening and social activity.

Would like to know something about the beautiful old green car that I saw drive by recently. It must have been about from the 1920s. It reminded me of my Grampa's car from back then.