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Weekend community garage sale planned for June

Meota News: Volunteer removes unsightly stumps, has permission to replant boulevard trees.
meota stump grinding
Charles Baillargeon grinding a tree stump on 1st Street in Meota.

MEOTA — There are still huge snow banks in the Lakeview area as the snow blew off the lake onto properties along the lakeshore and piled high. Now we wait to see where the ice piles up when it breaks up later. We have been having more high winds than usual this spring, so it's a wait and see situation there.

There will be a community garage sale weekend throughout Meota on the weekend of June 17, 18 and 19, so be prepared to find something that you need.

Bridge was played April 26 at the Pioneer Hall with three and a half tables in play. Top score went to Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen. Second were Jeannine Beloin and Margaret Dyck and third were Lucille and Bernard Gregoire. April 28 they had three tables, with top score won by Maureen Campbell and Jean Lawes and second by Mary Phelps and Gerry Craig.

Two tables of Norwegian Whist played at the Do Drop In April 29. Top score went to Eric Callbeck and second to Vern Iverson. Third was Arlene Walker. The odd couple played canasta and their game ended up almost tied. This is the last whist evening so we will be playing canasta from now on, on Friday evenings. Anyone interested is invited to come out and play. We're patient to help newcomers have fun and learn the game.

A former well-known teacher from both Spiritwood and North Battleford passed away in Battlefords Union Hospital April 18. Paul Nickel was 90 years old. He had married a Belbutte girl, Johanna Gatzke, in 1957. They moved to North Battleford in 1965 where he continued his teaching career in various city schools. Paul had cardiac problems, so was fortunate to have approached his 65th year of marriage.

Charles Baillargeon volunteered his time to the village of Meota to take out as many stumps as he could get done in three days. He ground out 24 stumps all together and it took him roughly 30 to 40 minutes per stump.  Fourteen stumps were done on Beach Avenue where SaskPower had cut down old maples that were creating havoc with the power lines.  Now that the stumps are out, homeowners will be able to mow their boulevards. 

Meota village council has given Charles permission to proceed with replacing some of the boulevard trees that have been removed due to age. It’s wonderful to see the urban forest is getting a long overdue renewal. (Submitted by Trudy Janssens)