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Paddle and sail club attracts 80 members

Meota News: Residents participate in Walk the Cross on Good Friday.
Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail plans to host a try-a-kayak event this summer.

MEOTA — A cool week but still the snow slowly melts and disappears. Sloughs in the fields get smaller as the water soaks away and the summer birds show up in their turn. The odd rabbit has been seen and one fellow still takes a run out on the lake in his vehicle, so spring slowly changes the picture of "life at the lake."

People were disappointed Thursday, and Friday when the newspaper didn't show up but I found out that the snow storm in southern Saskatchewan was the reason. The workers could not get to the printing shop in Estevan to do the work.

Bev McCrimmon has returned to live in Valleyview Towers II after living in Battleford for a few months. She just feels more at home with her old friends and suite in the north town.

Bridge was played in the Pioneer Hall on Tuesday, April 12, with three tables. Top score went to Jette Dasilva and Fraser Glen. Second were Catriona Winterholt and Cletus Scherman. Thursday afternoon top score went to Anne Crozier and Catriona Winterholt and second were Margaret Dyck and Albert Blais.

Canasta was played in the Do Drop In Friday, with top score going to Joyce Luckey and Gwen Lacerte. In second were Cora Christiansen and Linda Ard and were Marion Ottas and Janice Morton. This was another pleasant social gathering, so nice to get out and about.

A new butcher shop will be opening in Spiritwood this spring. Northern Meats is owned and operated by Bryce and Erica Olson and will be offering all regular meat services as well as smoked meats and a mini deli. Future plans include farm butchering and as they get established. It is service to the community that has been missing for many years.

Paddle and sail update

(Submitted by Trudy Janssens)

Meota Lakefront Paddle and Sail had their annual general meeting this past Sunday. In the commodore report, Mike Ritchie highlighted the fact that with more than 80 members now, half from Meota, the club is now on far better footing than 2020.

Increasing membership is still a priority and anyone interested in joining can send an email to or contact the new commodore, Trudy Janssens at 306-374-0843. Membership chair, Kathy Martin follow up on new memberships and renewals for 2022. Membership fees for single members have been reduced from $180 to $125. Family membership remains at $200.

It’s also very important to advise that the clubhouse facility is available for rental in the upcoming summer months. Dates are booking up quickly so if you’re interested, give Trudy Janssens a call at 306-374-0843 just to make sure it doesn’t get double booked.

MLPS is anxiously awaiting news of a major grant applied for.

There won’t be a sailing school this year, but the planning has already started to have one in 2023. The Saskatchewan Sailing Association will be working with interested members so the club can offer sailing lessons to youth members and young people in the vicinity. Present youth membership is one of the highest in the province. 

There will be a try-a-kayak event. Upcoming dates to be announced.

Spring cleanup at the club house is scheduled for Saturday, May 14 from 1 to 3 p.m. Given the unpredictable spring weather we are having, we’re hoping the ice will be gone and we’re able to put the dock in.  This is a great opportunity to meet the new board and committee chairs as well other members and their families.

Looking forward to a wonderful summer of sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and spending time at the clubhouse and beach in Meota.

Walk the Cross

Meota’s Walk the Cross took place at 10 a.m. on Good Friday and in many ways, the day began with parallels to the first Good Friday. The day was dark and cold and most didn’t have hope that it was going to be a good day. However, the faithful bundled up and met at Memorial Hill where we began our walk in remembrance of the Easter narrative, the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Each stop began with Scripture reading, and was followed by prayer for that portion of the Easter story as well as prayer for our community and country contingent on what that stop represented.

At Memorial Hill we remembered Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and we prayed for our beloved family and community members who have gone before us, giving their lives to protect our freedoms and also for those suffering in the war in Ukraine today.

As we gathered at the United church, we thought of our forefathers who taught us that prayer and worship were priorities in their lives and shared scripture on some of Jesus' teachings.

At the RM office we prayed for all those in public office, that God will be their guide, in thought and practice for the true peace and freedom of all they serve. Jesus exemplified this particularly at the last supper meal, as he washed the feet of his disciples and gave them the mandate to love one another.

As we strolled over to the community park, what had begun as a dismal looking day brightened as we had fellowship with each other, made new friends, and felt warmed by the experience.

The walk continued with stops at the downtown area, the seniors' residences and concluded at the Catholic Church. The entire Easter story was shared and at each stop we remembered various areas of our lives here in Meota, the services and volunteers that make our town great and prayed for the future to continue this tradition.