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English class system satire, murder mystery for BCP's last show

See You at the Theatre
Clever Dick, a farce, an antic tongue-in-cheek spoof is being presented by Battlefords Community Players.

THE BATTLEFORDS — The last show of the season for Battlefords Community Players, Clever Dick, pokes fun at the English class system – and at the notion that the “upper classes” live lives of erotic decadence that the envious labouring classes can only read – and dream – about. In this instance there is also a murder to solve, some rather complicated relationships to be sorted out and justice (of a sort) to be done.

The cast is large starting with Marno Auchstaetter, Fraser Glen, Jeff Arndt, Miguel Fenrich, Patrick Auchstaetter, Glen Rubidge, Amber Nelson, Daniel Eckerman and Holly Briant. The set is a large manor house of which we only see the seating room, with lots of action in and out of the rooms, halls and outdoors.

The show runs from May 23 to June 3 with six dinner theatre productions and two show-only evenings and tickets are still available. However, the following evenings are sold out — Friday, May 26 and Thursday and Friday, June 1 and 2. Book your tickets soon by calling 446-3133 or email to and we will see you at the theatre.

We have three of our four shows for the 2023-24 season confirmed and will have our new brochure ready for the public at this last show and in various locations in the community by the end of May. It’s an exciting season, including a variety of theatre genres including comedy, drama and a special show just perfect for the holiday season.

Unfortunately, our new season comes with an increase in our ticket prices, as we can no longer hold the prices as they have been for several years. Dinner theatre tickets will increase to $60 from the present $50 and show-only tickets will increase to $30 from $25. The other change is that while we will continue to have two show-only performances, the first one will be a Sunday matinee and the other the Tuesday evening in the second week. We will continue to offer a discount to those purchasing a season package of one or more tickets for each of the four shows.

We will soon begin work on our summer theatre show. Watch for dates, auditions and performances. This is a good chance to get involved, especially as they are one-act shorter productions, over a shorter period of time. Maybe something for those thinking they might like to act for instance. So, if you are going to be around over the summer think about being part of the BCP Summer Theatre Show.

That’s all for now and we look forward to seeing you at the theatre.