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Active cases of COVID-19 going down in subzone containing Humboldt

There were 56 active cases in Central East 1 as of Oct. 13, down from the high of 141 reached on Sept. 24.
Covid Chart
Active case of COVID-19 in Central East 1 have gone down from the highs reached in late September.

HUMBOLDT — Active COVID-19 cases in the sub zone that contains Humboldt have been going down since late September.

As of Oct. 13, there are 56 active cases in Central East 1 and two new cases. The highest number of active cases, reached on Sept. 24, was 141.

The number of cases is still higher than the pre-September record, which was the 50 active cases reached on March 2.


In the entire Central East zone, there are 338 active cases. Of those, 28 are new. There are 14 cases in the hospital, with six of them in the intensive care unit.

60,694 people have been fully vaccinated within the Central East zone. The province said there are a total of 98,368 people in the zone.

Province wide, there are 327 new cases as of Oct. 13. Of those, 260 were unvaccinated, eight had one dose (or had their second dose less than 14 days ago) and 59 had both doses. 87 of the cases affected those under 12 years old.