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Carrot River asking residents for help to identify date of elevation drawing

The drawings were found in a corner of the Carrot River town office. The town would like to know more information

CARROT RIVER — Carrot River town administration is calling for help identifying the date of an exterior elevation drawing found tucked away in a corner, which they would like to display in the town office.

The drawing features Main Street Carrot River, showcasing a part of the town's history.

“We were going through some old mapping and whatnot looking for some dimensions for the hall and found this old rolled up outdoor elevation drawing that was like tucked in the corner somewhere,” said Taryn Freemantle, Carrot River’s administrator.

“We’re hoping to get a little feedback from the public to find out what year the drawings were from and a little bit of backstory and history.”

If any residents do have information pertaining to the timeframe, or any details or stories about the pictured businesses or life on Main Street at the time, they’re encouraged to stop in at the town office, call at 306-768-2515, or comment on a related Facebook post the town made about the find. Residents who can design a custom frame for the piece are also encouraged to call the office.

Freemantle said their end goal is to have it custom framed and hung on the town office wall.

“It’s part of our history and a huge part of where we are today is where we came from. We’re wanting to make sure those pieces of our town’s history are able to be viewed and they’re not just stuck in a corner somewhere.”