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City advises taxpayers of installment adjustments

TIPPS program users notified of changes due to approved 2023 property tax rates.
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Property owners who pay taxes in monthly installments will receive notice from the city if the approved 2023 tax rates impact their payments.

NORTH BATTLEFORD — The city of North Battleford issued information letters for about 1,500 property owners last week who are part of the TIPPS (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service) program.

The TIPPS program allows pre-authorized monthly payment installments for residents’ property taxes. With approved rate changes for 2023 property taxes, administration has reviewed each TIPPS user’s installment information. This adjustment process is new for 2023 and was announced by the city late in summer 2022.

The city’s Finance Department has estimated the 2023 taxes based on each property in the city. Users of the TIPPS program whose installment amounts are within a $7 difference per month (either greater or less than the taxpayer’s current installment payment amount) will continue to pay the same installment amount for 2023. Taxpayers whose installment amounts will change by more than $7 (either greater or less than $7) per month have been issued letters by the city advising them of their installment rate adjustments.

Once the 2023 tax notices are issued, the city will recalculate the outstanding balance and provide an updated installment amount to those who will have an outstanding tax balance as of Dec. 31, 2023. This adjustment will be to ensure neither overpayment nor underpayment occurs.

Questions can be directed to the city’s tax clerk at 306-445-1706 or