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Fred Light Museum Day a hit

Locals from the Battlefords come out to take in history and an afternoon full of activities.

BATTLEFORDS – Fun without the sun does not add up for everyone. 

The people of the Battlefords would beg to differ. 

While the temperatures and weather varied from the 11 a.m. start to 4 p.m., there was a significant turnout for the Fred Light Museum Family Fun Day. 

There were plenty of activities and food choices to choose from.

Whether it was some cold ice-cream, or food and drinks being served up by a local food truck or the Historic Battleford Lions Club, no stomachs were left empty or thirsts unquenched.

Museum manager Bernadette Leslie spoke up how, despite the fluctuation in nature, there was a large turnout for the museum’s opening, as well as a steady trickle of community members following a brief spout of rain around the noon hour.

Though the temperatures cooled the surrounding area, the array of activities heated up participation by those who attended. 

No matter where your head turned, something was going on and people were gathered. 

Take for example the senior’s corner, where classic oldies were being belted out by both the choir and those who were listening.  A few steps outside, and onlookers were watching blacksmith Justin Muller go to work. Muller’s creations as well as the children’s intrigue of fire, brought in a constant flow of observers.

The fire sparked the crowd’s interest, but turn your head around again and you'd see a complex of other activities. For example: horsing riding, bottle toss, ring toss, throw the toilet paper (which two years ago would be an unspeakable expensive activity to say the least), basket toss, a silent auction, knock over the cans, balloon man and more. 

The main attraction throughout the day, though, was the water tank, which was a direct hit with onlookers and participants.

Among those getting dunked included Battleford Mayor Ames Leslie and councillor Kevin Russell. 

For Russell, who was born and raised in the area, the event is an opportunity to both take in the history of the area, as well as promote the positive aspects of the community. 

“…we have a lot of history here…and gathering the community is the most important thing.”

Judging based on the joyful reactions of all those who made their way through the museum grounds, it certainly looks like the Battlefords will continue to have that strong community support.