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G3 Canada to build grain elevator near Melfort

G3 Canada is proposing a $55.8 million grain elevator near Melfort.
G3 Melfort Elevator Location
Proposed location for G3 Canada Limited’s grain elevator and loop track, presented in Melfort council’s board package for their October meeting.

MELFORT — Melfort council passed a motion, allowing G3 Canada Limited to move ahead with their proposed build for a grain elevator and rail loop track, which has an estimated construction value of over $55.8 million.

G3 is a Canadian grain company, headquartered in Winnipeg, which operates a network of grain elevators in Western Canada.

The proposed primary grain elevator is planned to have 42,000 tons of storage capacity, a 17,700 ton main house, three 8,3000 ton steel bins, 150 car loop track, rail shipping at 1,600 tons per hour, as well as grain drier and cleaners.

Murray Vanderpont, director of project engineering with G3, said it’s expected to create about 12 to 14 permanent full-time positions.

The build is expected to be in service for the 2023 harvest season.

“We certainly looked long and hard for the appropriate facilities,” Vanderpont said. “Melfort has excellent infrastructure, there’s a site that meets our needs in terms of the site itself, as well as highway access. Obviously a rail line is important and our analysis of the grain catchment area here leads us to believe that we will be very successful.”

Locations where G3 hold grain elevators in Saskatchewan include Colonsay, Kindersley, Melville, Pasqua, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Leader and Plenty.

Glenn George, Melfort’s mayor, said the proposed development should be great for the community.

“It means jobs, housing – it’s really good for the community, period,” George said. “We’re a huge farming community and we have lots of grain to sell. The faster we can get it to the world markets, the better, and these guys sound pretty darn good.”