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Infinite Creations making use of new space

People were asking for more and Tracey Reifferscheid at Infinite Creations could not offer more with the previous space she had.
Infinite Creations Grand Opening
Infinite Creations celebrated their new location, as well as their new food and coffee bistro, with their grand opening on March 29. The crew moved from their location at 620 Main Street to the former 6th Avenue Stylists building a block south and have a lot more space to work with, says owner, Tracey Reifferscheid. Pictured: Amanda Worobec, Kayla Giesbrecht, and Robbie Reifferscheid photo courtesy of Infinite Creations Facebook page

People were asking for more and Tracey Reifferscheid at Infinite Creations could not offer more with the previous space she had.

That is why they moved locations with the new Infinite Creations now being located on the corner of 8th Street and 6th Avenue, the previous home of 6th Avenue Stylists.

The Infinite Creations staff and customers celebrated their new location with a grand re-opening on March 29 with specials and tours.

For Reifferscheid, the move just fit with how they wanted to expand.

“I do a lot of workshops and I was renting space. Okay, where can we incorporate that,” says Reifferscheid.

Products were another thing that people were looking for and Reifferscheid wanted to add as well as services, including their infrared sauna and a large salt room.

The new bistro and coffee bar came when they found the space and just became a good fit for the new location, says Reifferscheid.

“We’re nourishing the spirit and body in different ways with sessions, products that we’re offering. We thought we could really nourish the whole being.”

Sometimes Reifferscheid herself wants something quick, easy, and healthy so she and her staff are also benefitting from their bistro. This was the driving force behind their food and coffee menu. Their signature roast was specifically made for them with the Infinite Roast created by a roaster for the shop.

The bistro also meant an opportunity for wise environmental decisions with all of their to go containers, cutlery, and straws biodegradable.

They did not want to contribute to the current issues with plastic waste, says Reifferscheid. They want to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Reifferscheid says she also had to make decisions on the ingredients for the bistro. Local ingredients from local businesses is something that is important for Reifferscheid.

“There’s so many wonderful things around Humboldt,” says Reifferscheid with greens and sprouts coming from Campbell Greenhouse in Annaheim and spices coming from Canadian Organic Spice & Herb Co. in Watson.

Humanely raised meats is something that Reifferscheid has access to using Dave Doepker and Sobeys.

That is something that I believe strongly in for all her products, says Reifferscheid.

“We like to start as close to home and then we slowly stretch ourselves out. Lots of stuff Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia. That’s where a lot of our stuff comes from.”

More will be coming in as the Infinite Creation crew settles into their new location.