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Location moved for new Battleford pump track

Pump track will now go near Battle Springs Park instead of the river valley
Town council May 16
Town council voted on the pump track location again Monday.

BATTLEFORD — A new location has been selected for the proposed new pump track for Battleford.

Council has voted at Monday's meeting to relocate the pump track to the green space between the campground and Battle Springs Park along 1st Avenue.

The decision was made after concerns came to light about the originally-selected river valley location on the north side of the town, which had been selected by council at their Jan. 25 meeting.

Parks and Recreation Manager Jordan Schechtel explained a topographical survey had come back on the river valley location. Schechtel told council the pump track builders had expressed concerns about the location “due to the variations and the elevations, and also the water runoffs that go through the river valley and potential issues with drainage.”

They asked the town consider another location, so the recommendation was to go to the area near Battle Springs Park, which had been the second choice at the January meeting. 

It is zoned as an R2 residential, but Schechtel said should it be developed, green space would be required there and the pump track would fit within that green space. 

There was talk about other locations and Schechtel said those were looked at, but he said this was the best location. He noted there was already a sidewalk on 1st Avenue so people could park on the street.

There are no financial implications to the change in location.

Despite the change, council reiterated their belief the pump track will be a good thing for the town. The public feedback on the issue was also acknowledged. Mayor Ames Leslie noted there was a suggestion to put the pump track at a location on 29th Street, however he noted that spot was being looked at as a potential location for a potential new fire hall down the road.

“No matter where we put it, we’re going to have some people upset about it”, said Mayor Leslie.

“I hope those people come forward and have a conversation with Jordan or council in an amicable way. This is going to be a huge asset for our youth. This is going to give them something to do, this is going to keep them active, this is going to bring people to our community. When people come visit our community, they’re going to have something more to do in that 'tweener' age of 12 to 16.”

The vote in favour of the location was not unanimous. Councillor Kevin Russell voted against, saying he was in favour of the project but expressing concerns about the location close to residential areas.