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Man sentenced for child pornography

A North Battleford man will serve 30 days in jail and three years probation for possession of child pornography.

A North Battleford man will serve 30 days in jail and three years probation for possession of child pornography.

Richard Hanterman, 44, was sentenced in provincial court Wednesday by Judge Brent Klause after admitting to possession of what was determined to be 234 images of child pornography on his computer, as well as videos.

His term will be an intermittent sentence running from Monday to Thursday, with weekends free to allow him to continue to work.

He was ordered to surrender to authorities June 14 and will serve his jail term beginning Monday at Saskatoon Correctional Centre, although the judge placed a caveat that he serve at Battlefords Correctional Centre if they could take him. Following his jail term he will be placed on three years probation with several conditions, including no contact with anyone under age 18, a consent to the search of his employment computer, no possession of any pornography of any kind, an order to take whatever programs as directed, forfeiture of his computer and other restrictions.

The sentence was on the low end of the range of 30 to 45 days suggested by the Crown. The defence submission called for the intermittent sentence, which the Crown did not oppose.

In rendering his sentence Klause said he believed there was "some hope" for Hanterman, noting his early guilty plea and his co-operation with authorities. Hanterman pleaded guilty to the child pornography charge March 16.

According to the Crown's summary of facts, Hanterman was arrested following a Feb. 1 tip to the provincial Internet Child Exploitation Unit. The Prince Albert unit investigated the case and spoke to Hanterman, who initially denied the charges, but consented to a search of his computer.

An initial scan turned up a file entitled "Child Porn Sex," and a full computer scan by police ultimately turned up 234 images that fit the definition of "child pornography."

The images that turned up included many computer-generated and Anime images, including some live and video-capture images that could be acquired from several sources. RCMP submitted a sampling of several images to the judge.

The images included depictions of graphic sex acts and penetration involving underage children. However, there were no images of violence.

The judge also relied on a pre-sentence report filed with the court, which identified Hanterman as a low-risk individual.