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New SRSC student trustees ready for 2021-2022 school year

Tia-Lee McCallum and Daniel Vidal were sworn in during a ceremony at the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division's regular board meeting
srsc students
SRSC Student Trustee Daniel Vidal, Saskatchewan Rivers Board Chair Barry Hollick and Student Trustee Tia-Lee McCallum pose before the student trustees were sworn in during the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board meeting on Monday.

PRINCE ALBERT - The 2021-2022 school year will see two fresh faces at the public school division meetings, as Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change unveiled their new student trustees.

Urban trustee Tia-Lee McCallum of Prince Albert Collegiate Institute (PACI) and rural trustee Daniel Vidal of WP Sandin School in Shellbrook were sworn in during a ceremony at the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division's regular board meeting on Monday.

“On behalf of the board I want to welcome both of you as student trustees for this school year,” Board Chair Barry Hollick said before the oath for the the two trustees.The pair read their oaths at the same time before signing them.

The pair took part in their first meeting as student trustees at the Education Centre, and took part in discussions during items such as Robert Bratvold's director's update to the board.

McCallum presented the majority of the first report by the SRSC trustees, outlining the elections of their President, Vice President, trustees and media relations officer. McCallum was the president of the previous SRSC.

They have had an executive  meeting and identified main priorities for the year, including the concept of a Student Voice ad hoc committee in Sask. Rivers Schools.

“We have one in PACI, where students just come in, voice our opinions on how rules could change, like dress code for example,” McCallum explained. “Then the Principal will take it into consideration and, following the rules (set out) by the school division, we may make changes to this problem that arose. What I say is, we should try and implement Student Voice across different schools.”

She said this would give students more of a voice in their education.

Hollick asked about the current availability of Student Leadership Councils. McCallum said Student Leadership Councils were not at schools because of COVID initially.

McCallum explained that the new approach is to get the leadership group to all work together without a student leader.

Vidal said SLC has been put on hold in Shellbrook until later in October.

The idea for Student Voice came from PACI Principal David Lokinger, who gave the idea to McCallum so students at PACI could have more voice in their education. Vidal explained the he liked the Student Voice idea and outlined ways it could be implemented on a larger scale.

Hollick stated that because of their leadership the student trustees could help with Student Voice type projects.

After a question from Trustee Grant Gustafson, McCallum explained that the idea may become a bulletin board to place ideas.

“We kind of want it to be kind of like SLC but they are kind of different,”

 Superintendent Cory Trann, who works with the SRSC, also welcomed the new trustees after their presentation.