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Packed up

We See You container on its way to Tanzania
Volunteers pass boxes onto the shipping container headed for Ussongo on November 19. The container, filled with medical and school supplies, as well as other essential items by the people of Humboldt and area, was sponsored by SaskTel's We See You program.

Volunteers from Humboldt and area joined forces to pack Sasktel's We See You shipping container on November 19.
"Today is an exciting day," said Arlene Julé. "After months of effort gathering educational, medical and school supplies, we are finally loading the container."
Norman Duerr and Julé have been helping the village of Ussongo in Tanzania for the past six years and packing this container is their latest project to help the village.
The container was supplied by SaskTel to Humboldt as part of their We See You program. Although SaskTel supplied the container and paid to send it to Tanzania, collecting supplies was up to the people of Humboldt and district.
Duerr and Julé had beencollecting supplies for the last few months and storing them in the old Advance Appliance building on Hwy. 5 in Humboldt. It was there volunteers gathered to move boxes and supplies into the container.
"It will take two to three hours to load the container," said Duerr that morning.
Both Duerr and Julé were impressed at all the support they received - from donations to help with packing and loading the container.
"I went to the Humboldt Public School and the Grade 9 class at Humboldt Collegiate Institute and asked for help," said Duerr, pointing out a few students from both schools who showed up to help pack.
Duerr also approached the Humboldt Broncos to help as well, but they were unable to assist, due to an away game the night before.
The volunteers were assisted by SaskTel representatives and a team of movers to pack the container.
Duerr and Julé were excited to finally see their dream become a reality.
"We are looking forward with great anticipation to the unloading of it sometime in March," said Julé.
The container will take about three to four months to travel to Ussongo and Julé hopes to be at the village when the container arrives.
"We have seen how deprived they are of any supplies that could assist in their quality of life," said Julé. "We are very happy to share with them some of the things here in our world."
Most of all, they are both very happy with all the support they received from their home community.
"It really makes an impact when we see people from Humboldt and district so willing to contribute to this cause," said Julé. "Congratulations to everyone who recognized that there was a need and gave from their hearts."