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Palliative care celebrated component of Villa Pascal expansion

A palliative care area with an adjoining family room and private bath will allow families to spend more time with their loved ones in their final days.

NORTH BATTLEFORD — A re-dedication of Villa Pascal Special Care Home last week includes the addition of a family palliative care unit, a need that was identified by the board when expansion plans were first being made four years ago.

The spacious palliative care area was designed with an adjoining family room and private bath to allow families to spend more time with their loved ones in their final days.

“If they need to spend the night there will be facilities to do that,” said administrator Heather Beatch during a tour of the facility. “There will be a small kitchen, We hope to make the experience as comfortable as possible.”

The area, unfurnished on the day of the dedication, will be furnished by a donation from Chris Odishaw of Battleford Furniture.

Claude Desnoyer, chairperson, who opened the ceremonies last Thursday, said the board began discussion four years ago about what they saw as necessary to address the needs of the residents of Villa Pascal. The first project, he said, was the building of a chapel area to respond to spiritual life in the facility. He said they also wanted to address the lack of a palliative care suite.

The 38-bed building, built in 1977, has also seen the replacement of two shared accommodation rooms with four private rooms. In the centre of the building, an interdenominational chapel and multipurpose room was added. There have also been renovations in the kitchen area.

In the front, a dedicated hairdressing salon, administrative space and more washrooms were added. New sidewalks and a covered entrance allow residents better access in and out of the facility.

Battlefords MLA Jeremy Cockrill congratulated Villa Pascal and everyone involved on the project.

“Affiliate-run facilities like Villa Pascal are really excellent partners with both the SHA [Saskatchewan Health Authority] and the Ministry of Health as we deliver necessary services to certain people in our communities across the province.”

He added he was most excited about the palliative care suite.

“Having those services available adds a level of dignity and makes space for really authentic conversations in a person's final days with their family. so it's really great to see that included in this project.”

He said the government was pleased to contribute a quarter million dollars to Villa Pascal's expansion in last year's budget.

The project is a $2.5 million build. Local fundraising also contributed to the project, and the Battlefords Co-op committed to $100,000 over three years.

At the opening ceremony, Bishop Stephen Hero from the Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert blessed attendees and the building.

He said it's great sign of the future how this community and institution is thriving and continuing to serve the actual needs of the people who live here.

Villa Pascal is a French Catholic-based long-term care facility, affiliated with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and a member of the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan and of Canada.