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Railway Avenue West is officially renamed Peyak Trail

Council officially approves the new street name, which will officially be unveiled at a ribbon cutting Sept. 30.
Peyak Trail
Here is a look at the portion of Railway Avenue West that is being renamed Peyak Trail, from the map that was included in council’s package for Monday’s meeting.

NORTH BATTLEFORD - A long-awaited change has come to the name of one of the streets in North Battleford.

At their meeting on Monday, city council passed a resolution approving the renaming of Railway Avenue West from Territorial Drive to 12th Avenue, which now will be known as Peyak Trail.

The renaming follows up a presentation from Marilyn Richardson and Leone Neville at the June 20 Planning Committee meeting. The Cree meaning of Peyak stands for one, representing unity. 

Council had been considering a name change for the street for the past year. Richardson had particularly pushed for the various “Railway” Avenues to take on Indigenous names, as a way to foster inclusiveness and also address a lack of Indigenous street names in the city.

Council had been reluctant to change the names of all the “Railway” avenues, but made it known at the time they were open to a change of name for Railway Avenue West. It was seen as a good candidate for renaming, as the change posed less disruption to businesses or residences compared to the other streets.

There are no properties along Railway Ave. West that will require public notice for the change of name, and no properties will have their address changed as a result.

The next step is for Peyak Trail to be officially unveiled as the street name, and that will happen at a ribbon cutting on Sept. 30. That event coincides with Truth and Reconciliation Day, a federal statutory holiday which is also observed by the City of North Battleford.

The plan is to invite community and tribal council leaders as well as those who did work on the renaming committee, though invitations have still to be sent out.

According to the city, street blades for Peyak Trail have been made and are ready to be put up, and all the paperwork is done. All that was needed to make it official was for the council resolution approval, which passed unanimously Monday.