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RCMP aware of Sept. 11 planned protests and 'monitoring it closely'

This isn’t about overthrowing the government, says the organizer.

OTTAWA – RCMP National Head Quarters in Ottawa are aware a large group of protesters plan to converge on every RCMP and police station across Canada on Sept. 11 to stage a peaceful stand against the World Economic Forum.

The grassroots movement is led by former reserve police officer Marcus Ray, whose real name is Marcus Anthony Ray Chilcott.

“The RCMP is aware of the situation and is monitoring it closely,” Robin Percival from RCMP Head Quarters in Ottawa told Tuesday.

Likewise, Regina RCMP Depot Division provided with the same response.

“The RCMP is aware of the situation and is monitoring it closely,” said Communications Services RCMP Depot Division, Regina.

Ray said on Sept. 9 a convoy from the east will meet in Manitoba and a convoy from the west will meet in Alberta. Then on Sept. 11 the two convoys will converge on RCMP Training Depot in Regina. He said they will consist of organized groups of freedom fighters who will make a “peaceful stand for justice.”

On this same day, simultaneously across every town, city, and province of Canada, at noon Central Time, Ray said organized groups of freedom fighters will descend upon their local RCMP and local Police Stations for a peaceful stand for justice.

Ray said his group hopes that Canadian men and women of law enforcement will come to their aid.

This isn’t about overthrowing the government, said Ray.

Percival wouldn’t elaborate on what measures the RCMP has in place saying the RCMP doesn’t generally “comment on specific investigative methods, tools and techniques outside of court.”

Critics have accused Ray and his group of being domestic terrorists. However, Magali Deussing, spokesperson for Public Safety Canada in Ottawa directed to its website of listed terrorist entities, which Ray's group isn't on.

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