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Slow road to the finish line for CUPlex

The Credit Union CUPlex will be completed, eventually.

The Credit Union CUPlex will be completed, eventually.

But just as the New Jersey Devils forced the Los Angeles Kings to push back their Stanley Cup celebrations by a few days, finishing touches and other inspections and requirements have been pushing back North Battleford's anticipated celebrations of substantial completion for two CUplex components.

It had previously looked as if the theatre and aquatic centre would achieve substantial completion in late May. However, city administration reported Monday the project still had not achieved that milestone for either of component.

It appears the theatre component might finally achieve substantial completion this week, pushed back from the previous target date of May 28. As for the aquatic centre, the substantial completion date is now pushed back one month to June 29.

Still, Parks and Recreation Director Keith Anderson was upbeat in his regular report to council on the status of the construction, particularly with respect to the Dekker Centre's progress.

"The building is looking really good. It truly looks like a theatre inside and out," said Anderson.

He told council the architectural walkthrough of the Dekker Centre did take place as scheduled May 28. From there a list was generated, though there was "nothing major on that list - a lot of finishing touches and finish work that needed to occur," said Anderson.

The last hurdle to substantial completion is a mechanical and electrical review scheduled for this week. Also, a meeting was scheduled with contractor APM for June 12 to discuss outstanding change orders.

The gross value of work at the theatre is $12.7 million, but there are still liens against the project.

As for the Co-op Battlefords Aquatic Centre, substantial completion is now estimated for June 29, with the deficiency correction to follow. Gross value of work done there to date is $17.9 million.

Again Anderson was upbeat about where the project stands.

"The tile is just about totally complete. We had the cleaners in there which is always a good sign," said Anderson.

The curling rink and field house remain on track, with the curling rink estimated for July 13 completion and the field house still slated for October 15.

Value of the work done at the curling rink is $7.4 million while work done at the field house is valued at $5.8 million.

Two items of note with respect to the field house include ongoing efforts to remove a lien from a supplier. Anderson reported Scott Builders will address this issue immediately.

As well, the ground water issue affecting the court floor side of the field house has been resolved. Anderson reported a lateral drainage system has now been installed there.

In addition to the update on the status of the project, Anderson reported on the financial shape of the project, described as good in his reports.

At a parks and recreation meeting last month Anderson had told the committee the project had just gone past its five per cent contingency, but he reported to council Monday that only the aquatic centre portion is over the five per cent. The other three remain under that mark.

According to numbers provided to Monday's council meeting by administration, net change orders for the aquatic centre amount to $2,109,222.26, but with the tile contract and site work removed from the total, it amounts to $966,898 or 5.5 per cent. The original contract price for the aquatic centre was $17,548,700.

Total change orders for the theatre are $124,910.02, or one per cent, for the curling centre $266,610.89 or 3.5 per cent and for the field house, $395,071.95 or 3.8 per cent.