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Students inducted into Hall of Fame

Living Sky's best and brightest were applauded at the 2010 Student Hall of Fame Celebration June 10. Awards were presented to students in Grade 9 to 12 who excelled in areas such as academics, art and culture, athletics and leadership.
NBCHS welding instructor Gerald Nickel congratulates Grade 11 student Jarett Prescesky, who was inducted into Living Sky's Student Hall of Fame for bringing home gold at the national Skills Canada competition.

Living Sky's best and brightest were applauded at the 2010 Student Hall of Fame Celebration June 10.

Awards were presented to students in Grade 9 to 12 who excelled in areas such as academics, art and culture, athletics and leadership.

Darren McKee, the assistant deputy minister of education, provided the keynote address, in which he applauded both parents and school staff for their part in the students' success.

"You have stayed true to your vision: 'Grow without limits, learning for all,' and created an environment where students excel," he said.

McKee encouraged the award recipients to follow their dreams, and to explore the opportunities made apparent by fellow Saskatchewanites. He pointed to the example set by the athletes who competed in the Vancouver Olympics, innovative entrepreneurs and one Saskatoon student in particular, a 14-year-old who became the youngest winner of a national biotech competition this spring for her work on genetic markers in crop-destroying fungi.

"Tonight's inductees are amazing role models, showing their peers the value of hard work, commitment and sacrifice," said McKee.

"I am certain these inductees, as future leaders, can follow in the footsteps of others in our province who have excelled."

One of the inductees, Grade 11 North Battleford Comprehensive High School student Jarett Prescesky, earned his award for winning gold in the Skills Canada welding competition.

The 17-year-old plans to attend the national competition again next year, and credits his success to welding instructor, Gerald Nickel.

This is the fourth time Nickel has accompanied a student to Skills Canada competition, a testament to his dedication to his pupils.

"When I get kids that excel like this, I just want to teach them as much as I can," said Nickel.

Over 600 awards were presented to students in the Living Sky Division, which some thought was too many.

Quinn McKee, a Leoville Central School student who was awarded for his performance in track and field, badminton and volleyball, said the sheer number of awards given out cheapened their value.

"I think they award things that don't really need to be awarded, like teams winning districts or just making it to regionals," said McKee.

Students inducted with 'Great Distinction.'

Cut Knife High School

Kendra Laing, Aleah Anseth, Brenna Tyler, Jenna Bertoia, Rachel Rosette, Erika O'Donnell, Katlin Kelly, Tori Alexander, Jessica Dupuis, Taylor Braun, Sabrina Veikle

Hafford Central School

Sarah Jones, Rebekah Lesko, Candace Michalenko, Melanie Hawrysh

Heritage Christian School

Amy Klippenstein

Kerrobert Composite School

Michael Bazin, Tory Shynkaruk, Travis Turnbull

Leoville Central School

Jon Matzner, Nick Jarvis, Quinn McKee

Luseland School

Johann Wentzel

Macklin School

Janessa Stang

Maymont Central School

Justin Gillatt, Lukas Smith, Earl Kieper, Kelsey Lovenuk, Chad Bernier, Gayln Prescesky, John McIntosh, Kaitlyn Dubyk, Sarah Wenner, Chase Seargeant, Gregory Maxwell, Tell Kieper, Ryan Rowe, Derek Clayton, Jordan Manson, Taylor Reiley

McLurg High School

Joel Karstens, Kerstin Jensen, Janelle Henderson, Lee Latimer, Bryna Jaindl, Brady Greenwald, Jillian Shepherd, Kennedy Glassford, Adriana Hoffman, Andria Karstens, Brooke Suchan, Taylor Mann, Chantel Johnson, Janel Miller, Jill Gruber, Rebecca Schwebius, Brandyn Lee Schell, Courtney Bachman, Jocelyn Thomas, Reina Leith, Stefanie Schell, Joel Karstens, Kerstin Jensen

Medstead Central School

Brandon Lybeck, Linda Huard, Courtney Berg, David Epp, Kirsten Jones, Scott Seidle

North Battleford Comprehensive High School

Shandi Millhouse, Michael Johnson, Tricia Florence, Rayden Saunders, Robert Gaetz, Jordan Wuttunee, Richard Melnechuk, Samuel Stilborn, Adam Wuttunee, Brayden Silbernagel, Carson Whyte, Dustin Grosjean, Zachary Ironstand, Jordan Carriere, Geoff Coupal, Landon Albert, Matthew Fedler, Jarett Prescesky, Bradley Reimer, Corey Farrell, Nicole Erikson, Randy Fehr

Spiritwood High School

Michael van Dyke, Ashley Poulin, Nicholas Allard

Unity Composite High School

Jessica Gerein, Patricia Stephenson, Alixandra Knowles, Alysha Ehnisz, Janelle Kuhn, Alison Ryan, Jason Bowey