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Terry Sieben running for People's Party in Battlefords-Lloydminster

Now five federal candidates vying for the seat
federal election
In the latest election news, there is a candidate for the People's Party.

The People's Party of Canada now has in place their candidate for the 2021 federal vote in Battlefords-Lloydminster.

The party announced this week that Terry Sieben is their nominee in the riding. Sieben is no stranger to politics, having run in the 2020 provincial election in Kindersley for the Progressive Conservatives.

According to his campaign brochure, Sieben has pledged to fight for people's freedoms if elected. He also had harsh words for the federal Conservatives.

"The Conservative Party of Canada has turned their back to true conservatism when our freedoms and basic rights are at stake. It needs to be stopped before we reach the point of no return," Sieben states.

"The CPC is too busy figuring out how to win Quebec over and flip-flopping. Times call for a political reset towards our country's Western values, not a financial reset that will sell us out to the United Nations." 

That brings to five the number of nominated candidates running in the 2021 election. Other nominated candidates to this point include Liberal Larry Ingram, New Democrat Erik Hansen, Ken Rutherford of the Maverick Party, and incumbent MP Rosemarie Falk of the Conservatives.