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Toonies for Tuition campaign brings Catholic education to those in need

$5,777 was raised this year.
The Toonies for Tuition initiative was spearheaded in Canada by former trustee Albert Provost and began in 2011.

PRINCE ALBERT — The Prince Albert Catholic School Division takes part each year in the Toonies for Tuition campaign. At the board's regular meeting on Monday, they were provided with an update on the fundraiser.

CFO Greg McEwen reported that $5,777 was raised this year.

Individually, St. Anne School raised $1,447, St. John raised $760, St. Michael raised $500, St. Catherine raised $400, St. Francis raised $600, Ecole St. Mary High School raised $750 and Holy Cross raised $665.39. Trustees themselves donated $340, and the rest of the donations came from teachers, parents, and division-wide fundraisers.

“We're going to celebrate those efforts and we're so grateful,” Education Director Lorel Trumier said. “The families have been so supportive of this and our staff to try to have some fundraising activities, we're very proud.”

The initiative was spearheaded in Canada by former trustee Albert Provost and began in 2011.

The goal is to raise two dollars per student in the division for the endowment fund of the Canadian Catholic School Trustees Association.

“We know that that tuition in provinces where it's not Catholic education is not publicly funded, it's very difficult for Catholic families to receive that opportunity,” Trumier said.

The board approves the fundraiser annually. Many families in Canada need to pay tuition to attend Catholic schools. The CCSTA through the Toonies for Tuition Endowment Fund alleviates the burden on these families who live in provinces where Catholic education has limited or no public funding.

The AGM for the CCTSA will be held in Saskatoon this year, which raised its significance.

“It was really important for us to have tried to reach that goal of raising a toonie per student for the purpose of Catholic education in the country,” Trumier said.

Every Catholic school division fundraised for the initiative in 2023 to help bring the Catholic education experience to students who may not have this opportunity.

Each year a trophy is presented for the highest provincial and highest school board/division winner.