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Two members retire from Unity Fire Department

New volunteers needed.
Fire Chief Dwaine Kopp reminds residents it is time to get real Christmas trees out of the home, as after four to five weeks they become a serious fire hazard.

UNITY — Unity Fire Chief Dwaine Kopp, said 10-year member Travis Sopyc and 13-year member Chris LeFebvre have both retired.

For December, UFD reported to two lift assists and one STARS Air Ambulance call. The team also responded to one call for a gas leak at a farm and one structure fire at the north end of Round Valley.

Fire Chief Kopp also reminds residents that have had a real tree for Christmas that, depending on when it came into the home, they are only good for four to five weeks under ideal conditions before they become dangerously dry, creating a fire hazard in the home.

Unity Fire Department continues to seek new members to help fill this division of community protective services. Contact any existing UFD member for details.