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Viscount News: Locals earn archery medals

The Viscount Archery Club had a strong showing at the Junior Olympic Program Championships in Prince Albert.
Viscount News Archery Club JOP Championships 2022
Jacob Bourassa got a silver medal, Wayde Yaworski a gold medal and Carl Bothma a bronze medal at the Junior Olympic Program Championships were held on April 9 in Prince Albert.

VISCOUNT — Wow! Awesome garage sales were held around the town of Viscount on Saturday, May 14. Even though the weather was a little chilly, it still was a awesome day for the sales and people that attended. It is always nice to be able to chat with the people that come around.

Four ladies designed blankets on Wednesday, May 11 at the Viscount Library. Blankets for Canada is winding down for the summer. We will continue to meet on Wednesdays till the last Wednesday in May (25th). We are looking for donations of knitted and crocheted 8" x 8" squares so that we can continue to make blankets that will be distributed to shelters as needed.

Book Club has come to an end and will resume in the fall. For information on either Blankets for Canada or Viscount Book Club please contact Evelina at 306-944-4820.

It's always so sad when things come to an end, but then there is always the new things happening. Gardening, camping, I was going to say visiting without having to worry about the weather, but when we had our first camping trip this year the area we were in had a weather watch out. We received some rain but thankfully it wasn't terrible.


Archery club update

Submitted by the Viscount Archery Club

The Viscount Archery Club Junior Olympic Program has concluded for another season. The Junior Olympic Program is a Saskatchewan Archery Association program open to archers aged 6 to 21. Archers begin shooting at 10m and advance at their own pace to earn badges and move to shooting distances of 15m and finally 18m. At the end of the JOP season the SAA hosts a JOP Championship where archers compete with other archers at the same badge level.

The Junior Olympic Program Championships were held on April 9, 2022 in Prince Albert hosted by the Timberland Bowbenders archery club. Viscount Archery Club had nine JOP archers attend the championship. This was the first time at a competition for some of these young archers. Some of the archers earned their next badge level and there were also some medal winners.

  • Dylan Butler placed eighth in Bowman
  • Dylan Balion placed fourth in Bowman II
  • Bailey Butler competed in Archer and landed in 17th
  • Kayson Mosier took eighth spot in Master Archer
  • Ryker Harriman placed 14th in the Olympian 260 – 270 level
  • Dylan Yaworski earned fourth place in Olympian 282 – 290
  • Carl Bothma won the bronze medal for Olympian 292 – 300

The highlight of the finals was when two Viscount Archery Club Archers tied for the top place in the Olympian 292 – 300 badge level. This meant that a one arrow shoot off would determine the winner. It was a very close shoot off and was won by a millimeter. Jacob Bourassa was silver medal winner and Wayde Yaworski took home the gold medal. Great shooting everyone!

The last day of JOP was a fun day of shooting balloons, 3D targets, lots of laughs and pizza. Viscount Archery Club also gave out athlete recognition awards . Congratulations:

  • Anna Cox – Rookie of the Year
  • McCoy Dale – Most Improved Archer
  • Dylan Butler – Most Coachable
  • Dylan Yaworski – Most Helpful
  • Bailey Butler– Competitive Spirit
  • Carl Bothma – Best Attitude
  • Wayde Yaworski – Sharp Shooter
  • Jacob Bourassa – Leadership Award

A big thank you to coach Bernie for helping each archer continue to improve and to keep archery fun.

The Junior Olympic Program will start up again in the fall at Viscount Archery Club; if you are interested in archery or have questions please contact us at [email protected] and follow us on Facebook.