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Wastewater data showing COVID-19 back up in North Battleford

The virus load is up 60.1 per cent while Omicron variant was up 40.6 per cent.
Covid Chart
Wastewater data is considered a leading indicator of COVID-19 cases.

NORTH BATTLEFORD — The latest data from the University of Saskatchewan and Global Water Futures analysis of wastewater in North Battleford pointed to a rise in COVID-19 numbers.

For the data collected to April 17, the virus load was up 60.1 per cent to 182,346 per 100 millilitre. The Omicron variant was up 40.6 per cent to 202,319 per 100 ml.

The viral wastewater signal is considered a leading indicator of impending surges in numbers of active cases that precede increases in new positive cases by seven to 10 days.

Data for Prince Albert is also pointing to an increase, with increases of 112.7 per cent for the virus load and 109.5 per cent for the Omicron variant up to April 18.

But the virus load is down in Saskatoon by 35.3 per cent and the Omicron variant is down there by 13.6 per cent up to April 20.