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HCI girls soccer shows sportsmanship

It's the first time Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) has earned this type of prestige.
SHSAA representative Lyle McKellar (left, back row) stands with the Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) 2A Girls Soccer team who proudly display their SHSAA/MILK Sportsmanship Award banner. The banner will hang in the gymnasium in HCI for years to come.

It's the first time Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) has earned this type of prestige.
On February 18, Lyle McKellar, assistant executive director of the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) presented the HCI 2A Girls' Soccer team with the SHSAA/MILK Sportsmanship Award, sponsored by the SHSAA and Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan.
The award is presented to the team that best represents the ideals of sportsmanship at a provincial championship, said McKellar.
"This is the first time a team from Humboldt has been awarded the Sportsmanship Award," said McKellar.
When HCI hosted soccer Provincials in the fall, the players, parents, fans and coaches all demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the event.
McKellar explained that the team has a great support system of fans, not fanatics, and a great role model in the form of their coach, Bob Bellamy.
"Coach Bellamy is full of enthusiasm," said McKellar. "He is a very sincere and generous person."
McKellar said he believes a team reflects what they have learned from their coach.
Not only does the team have a great support system, they also reflected their great attitude and personality while hosting provincials.
"Your desire to win was evident, but so was your desire to do it with class," was the message from Bellamy.
"Some say sports develop character, but I say sports reveal character."
The blue banner does not only reflect the attitude of the soccer team, but the entire student body, said McKellar.
"It's events (like hosting Provincials) that show the pride and culture of the school," said McKellar.
Not only was the team presented with a blue sportsmanship banner to hang in their gymnasium, the entire student body was given free milk after the presentation from the Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan.