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Petersen gets special 75th birthday party

It's a tradition at the Elgar Petersen Arena - honouring the man for whom the building is named on his birthday.
Humboldt's Taylor Johnson (left) and Melfort's Brody Haygarth, acting team captains for the Broncos and Mustangs, wait for Humboldt hockey legend Elgar Petersen to officially start the game during the ceremonial puck drop he performed in celebration of his 75th birthday on January 25. Standing by were (back row, from left) Humboldt Broncos board members Chad Ellison and Bob Johnston, and Mayor Malcolm Eaton.

It's a tradition at the Elgar Petersen Arena - honouring the man for whom the building is named on his birthday.
A special ceremony was held before the start of the January 25 Humboldt Broncos game in celebratio of Elgar Petersen's 75th birthday on January 26.
Standing between Mayor Malcolm Eaton and members of the Humboldt Broncos board, Petersen listened as the mayor read a short synopsis of his life, which he has dedicated to the game of hockey in Humboldt.
It was over four decades ago that Petersen, who was born in Annaheim, first became involved with Humboldt Minor Hockey. Edda Saretsky of Humboldt saw an opportunity for him to help out, and Petersen took advantage of the opportunity.
"Edda himself made a huge contribution to hockey in Humboldt, but perhaps his greatest legacy is his recognition of what Elgar Petersen could bring, and the impression he would make on thousands of Humboldt youth over so many years," Eaton said in his speech.
In 1971, the Humboldt Broncos were going into their second season and the fledgling organization recognized the way young players took to Elgar, how they responded to his presence on the bench. He became their trainer, and now, 40 years later, Petersen continues to be the face of the Humboldt Broncos.

"Elgar's willingness to serve is evidenced not only by his work in hockey, but he is a fixture on the ball fields all summer as well," Eaton said. "Elgar turns 75 tomorrow and while the hockey world toasts another hockey icon (Wayne Gretzky was born on Elgar's 25th birthday, we get to celebrate our own," he concluded.
As a token of their gratitude for Petersen's dedication to the team and to hockey in Humboldt, and in honour of his 75th birthday, Broncos board president Bob Johnston presented him with a new Humboldt Broncos jersey with "75" and his name "Elgar" on the back.
The Melfort Mustangs, in town to play the Broncos that night, also gave Elgar a birthday present, including a Melfort Mustangs ball cap.
The ceremony closed with a special puck drop performed by Petersen.