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Young acrobat heading to Montreal in July

Acrobatics are where it's at for Daisy Hart.
Gymnast-turned-acrobat Daisy Hart is heading to a national circus school in Montreal with an eye to joining Cirque de Soleil.

Acrobatics are where it's at for Daisy Hart.
The 15-year-old gymnast-turned-acrobat from Humboldt will be heading to Montreal this summer to attend the L'école Nationale de Cirque, a circus school for young artists interested in theatrical acrobatics.
Hart has gone through the selection process for their summer programming - a pretty rigourous process - and if all goes well, could be attending the school full time in the future.
In addition to offering circus arts training, the school also offers secondary and college level academic subjects.
Hart has been a gymnast for many years, her mother Janine told the Journal, but she quit competing in the discipline this past January. She then focused her attention on both coaching gymnastics at the Calico club in Humboldt, and on starting her own acrobatics club.
"She's done acrobatics in England," Janine noted, which is where the family was based before moving to Canada a few years ago.
Hart's burning ambition is to be in Cirque de Soleil, and as the L'école Nationale de Cirque is one of the institutions Cirque de Soleil pulls their talent from, she applied, hoped for the best, tried out, and was accepted into their summer program.
So this summer, Hart will be focusing all of her attention on things like hand-to-hand balancing, the Russian beam and the Chinese pole.
And she is excited.
Hart will leave on July 17 and will be at the school until July 30.
The summer school is really a further selection process, Janine reported.
If all goes well, she could be offered a place at the school.
"It's a stepping stone for her... if she decides that's the path she wants to take," Hart said of the summer program.