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Attaining goals means accepting change

So, I walked into my financial advisor's office the other day to get advice on how to save $5,000 over the next six months.

So, I walked into my financial advisor's office the other day to get advice on how to save $5,000 over the next six months. As we started reviewing my finances she informed me I would probably need to adjust my spending habits in order to reach my goal. I explained to her I really didn't want to give up any of my leisure activities in order to save money. She then came up with another solution, perhaps I could get another job to increase my income. I explained to her I really didn't have any time to work at another job to make more money, nor did I want to give up any of my free time. I didn't really want to change anything. How was this so hard for her to figure out for me?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Welcome to the life of a personal trainer! Some clients come to me with great ambitions and aggressive goals. I am ready, willing and able to help them. Then they proceed to explain they don't really have much free time to come to the gym and since they have a family it's really hard to eat healthy because the kids won't eat that kind of food.

It's not hard to see it is going to be difficult to reach goals without making changes to your existing behaviour. In the initial paragraph you probably thought I was crazy. How could I possibly save money without changing some of my spending habits, right? The exact same is true regarding weight loss. If you plan to lose weight, you need to plan to make changes.

You children and family probably should be following a healthy eating plan. Growing children need healthy, nutritious foods to develop bones and muscle, just as you need them to maintain a healthy weight. Being prepared is key. No lunches on the run. Pack a healthy lunch every day for you and your family and make it a family activity to plan a healthy supper.

I guarantee you do have time to work out, or at least that you can find the time. I see your Facebook updates. I know you watched at least an hour of reality TV last night. Just think, if your mother was in the hospital you would find at least an hour a day to go sit with her. Find that hour a day for exercise so your children don't have to be the ones visiting you.

It is easy to make excuses not to exercise or eat right. But there are many more reasons to do it. Find your limiting factors - the things that make you skip the gym or eat unhealthy. Come up with a plan to avoid these situations or things you can do to get past these obstacles in the future.

If your boss came to you today and offered you a job that required you to work an extra hour a day for no extra pay but promised you a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life would you accept the position? Apply within! You're hired!

Say it! Mean it! Do it!