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Knowing what you've got

There is a song, by a famous Saskatchewan songwriter and performer that claims that most of the time "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

There is a song, by a famous Saskatchewan songwriter and performer that claims that most of the time "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."
In the case of this past summer, we could add to that line - "but you appreciate it all the more if you can get it back."
In terms of weather, the summer of 2011 was pretty darn sweet in Saskatchewan. It was hot when we needed it to be, it rained a little but not a lot, and except for a little hail in August, was pretty pleasant all the way through.
We can appreciate the weather this year because of the awful months that made up the summer of 2010. There were little to no complaints this year of it being too hot, because we all remember shivering through the rain last summer.
This year, we appreciated what we had.
That's something that perhaps we can extend to other areas of our lives.
I read a book while I was on vacation this summer that talked all about how to be more happy in the life that you've got. The book was not directed at those who have suffered a great loss, or those who constantly struggle with mental illness or other challenges. It was directed at those who have a good life, with enough to eat, a lovely home, and a loving family, but who just need a little help appreciating it all.
It really got me thinking about what I have - and what I can be grateful for.
Then I read two more books about those who lived through World War II and the holocaust, and those really drove that message home, as did another book I read about the people, and especially the children, of Nepal.
There are a lot of people who have lived through a lot worse than I have, and who have terrible things to deal with, where I haven't had that yet. And when I keep that in mind, it makes dealing with the petty frustrations of a typical day in my life right now pretty easy.
For I have enough to eat. I have enough to do. I have enough to read. I have enough friends and family to love.
I have enough.
Not a lot of people in the world right now or in the past can say the same, so I consider myself pretty darn lucky.
And I'm not alone in that.
I think that, as a whole, the people of Saskatchewan are lucky. Unlike the U.S. right now, our economy is still going strong. Businesses aren't having to lay off workers - in fact they're having issues finding enough workers. Banks are not foreclosing on houses left and right, though the issue persists in finding a rental in Humboldt.
Of course, not everyone in Saskatchewan has enough. There are people here at home who need help.
So maybe the next time we feel lucky about the lives we lead, we should volunteer to help someone else out. Drop some food off at the food bank, help the local soup kitchen, or volunteer with a group like the local Habitat for Humanity committee, which has just been formed.
Do something to help someone else have enough.
Because enough is pretty much all any person needs.
Enough is enough. Let's help everyone get there.

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