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Letter: Power to be found in articulate language

Somebody needs a good dose of soap in the mouth
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Queen Elizabeth II spent years working for the Commonwealth, to which Jamaica belongs. Today, there is a movement afoot to remove her as the country's head of state.

Dear Editor

Members of the royal family don't casually drop in on a country, they are invited. Since this is the platinum year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, there are some family members to be seen here and there, such as the recent visit of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge to Jamaica.

Many years ago, I knew a number of young Jamaican men, well-educated, loyal and a lot of fun.

So, Jamaica has arrived at a point where they want an elected head of state, or one more politician. So be it. I'm sure most of the citizens be do so with good manners, like those young men I knew.

But why is it so prevalent in the nature of so many human beings that they have to express themselves in ignorant and nasty ways?

An example was the man heard shouting, "We don't want no queen hanging around our necks."

Hanging around our necks?

Queen Elizabeth II spent years working for the Commonwealth, to which Jamaica belongs. She has met every leader throughout the long years of her reign. She even knows their families. She has always been a believer in the value of Commonwealth, as have I. Someone somewhat more important than I, a man named Gandhi, believed in it, or believed in the principle.

Elizabeth has not long lost her keen and supportive husband. She is a very senior lady, she has done a great deal for others and has brought pleasure and colour to many people. And yet someone thinks it smart to insult her.

Because of my friendship with those fun-loving young men from Jamaica long ago, I sometimes thought I'd like to visit. Not anymore. I don't want to be blamed for wrongs done by others long ago or accused of hanging around anything, necks or otherwise.

That could be a good ending, but I think I'll just add a bit more about Canadians who can't seem to express themselves except in ignorant or nasty ways.

So, you don't like the current prime minister. There's been a couple of prime ministers I would like to have booted, but it didn't give me the right to use vulgar signs on my truck or house windows. And the people who make money creating those signs must also have sewer minds.

So, boys and girls, it isn't very mature. Grow up. Somebody needs a good dose of soap in the mouth (or in the sign?). Can you not express yourself as an educated person might do? There are many of what one might call "clean insults."

But I suppose they are all too clever for general use. Oh, I can cuss alright, but there is a line to be drawn, I think.

Meanwhile, for many years, God has saved the queen, in spite of it all.

Christine Pike



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