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Letter: Ready to vote? Study history first

Canada can do better than trade Tweedle Dee for Tweedle 'Dumb'
federal election
Canada is in a mess with a playboy leader who seems lost.

Dear Editor

Come on, Canada. You can do better. Before you vote, study your history. Since 1867 you have switched Tweedle Dee for Tweedle "Dumb" and back again. You see no difference. Why? Because they are both funded and controlled by big money.

The only way we can save democracy is to limit donations to $1,000. No one can buy the election. If big money hadn't got a big name poster boy and spent millions to get rid of the hated Harper maybe Tom Mulcair would have been a decent prime minister.

There is a better way. Look what we got went the NDP had the balance of power ‑ old age pension, unemployment insurance, workmen's compensation, 40-hour work week, sick leave, Canada Pension Plan, Tommy Douglas's health care plan ‑ all forced on the old-line parties. Think of what they could do if they were in charge.

We're in a mess with a playboy leader who seems lost. You're going to replace him the PC rpresentative. The PC's are against climate control, labour unions, gays, gun control, women's rights and all of sudden the new leader is in favour of them all. Sounds like he is NDP.

If you believe him, good luck. We better think before we vote.

G. Ferguson



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