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Letter: Striking similarities in leadership on both sides of the border

Leaders of Canada and the United States are two peas in a pod
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In areas of spending, political correctness and energy strategies, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden share leadership strategies.

Dear Editor

There are many similarities between Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden. Both leaders were given glowing reviews by Obama before they were elected. Trudeau and Biden spend taxpayers’ money to buy votes and fulfill their own political agenda. Trudeau put Canada deeply in debt before the pandemic hit. Biden’s first spending item was $1.8 trillion for pandemic relief, but only nine per cent actually went for what it was supposed to. It will take several generations to pay for their reckless spending.

Both Biden and Trudeau try to be politically correct by filling cabinet positions with half female and ethnic minorities. This has led to gross incompetence in their cabinets. An 80 per cent female cabinet is all right, as long as they are the most qualified people for the position.

Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office. Trudeau has cancelled the Energy East pipeline to the Maritimes. Both leaders would rather get the fossil fuels from dictatorships and countries with poor environmental laws.

Both Biden’s and Trudeau’s motto on guns and crime has been “soft on crime and tough on legal gun owners.”

Both our prime minister and the president believe in illegal immigration, yet make it difficult for legal immigrants. Both leaders would rather feed, clothe, house and take care of illegal immigrants rather than take care of our own homeless and poverty stricken children.

Both leaders are weak internationally. Look at the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Gordon Dykstra

North Battleford