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Now is the time

Letter to the Editor
covid vaccine
Pfizer-BioNTech, the biggest purveyor of mRNA COVID vaccines, says it will be ready to request emergency authorization of use in children under 12 from U.S. authorities as early as September.

Dear Editor

If we don’t meet the required 70 per cent vaccination threshold next week, the hoped for relaxation of restrictions on July 11 will not occur. We will all be subject to unnecessary restrictions for some period of time after July 11.

Failure to meet the threshold within the time limited lays at the door of all those who are too lazy, too selfish, too deluded or because of some other unfounded excuse haven’t been vaccinated. 

The risks associated with being vaccinated are so insignificantly minuscule  that they border on being non-existent. There is no rational reason that, for example, a 50-year-old, healthy male would fail or refuse to be vaccinated when all of the science makes it irrefutable that vaccination protects others while offering no risk to the recipient of the vaccination.

Harvey Walker