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BUH Lottery awards Unity winners $100,000

Unity winners in the BUH Foundation Lottery

UNITY - Imagine waking up on a dreary weather Friday to what would appear to be an ordinary day with the weather not presenting any reason to smile only to have the entire mood of the day brightened immediately with one phone call.

Sandy Richards of Unity received a call around 11 a.m. Nov. 12 from the Battlefords Union Hospital Lottery Foundation announcing that she and her husband, Deryl, had won their grand prize of $100,000.

Richards told the Press-Herald/, “My first reaction, I simply couldn’t believe it. Then I started to cry, and my husband Deryl was wondering what was going on.”

Excited to share this news with her family, she called her daughter Tracey as they knew their oldest granddaughter was there also to receive the news. Richards then texted her other granddaughter Kristen along with their son and granddaughter in Nova Scotia.

The Richards drove to North Battleford to collect their winnings that afternoon. The drive into the city was full of excitement while listening the radio as Sandy had been interviewed by via phone.

Richards said they have been buying tickets on this lottery for 15 years or more. The couple have said they have supported this lottery for this length of time as many from Unity have needed services or medical attention or procedures at one time or another. Richards also maintains the importance of supporting health care.

Upon arrival at the hospital foundation office, they were presented their cheque with photos taken. The lady who won the 50/50 jackpot as part of this lottery was also there to receive her winnings.

Before departing home, Richards said they used the opportunity to do a few errands in North Battleford, however, however she chuckled that no splurging took place just yet.

On the way home, the couple discussed how they wanted to spend the money knowing they would tuck some away and are planning for some interior and yard renovations in the spring.

Plenty of congratulatory text messages and phone calls were received once more family, friends and neighbors learned of the win. Richards is not sure if the news has settled in yet, but she did think she was going to have a really good sleep Nov. 12, as it had been a wonderful day.

Other area winners in this lottery included: Doreen Leslie, $2700, won in an earlier draw portion of this lottery. There were a number of $1000 draws made with the grand prize draw and included ticket winners: Carol Sieben, Macklin; John Hochbaum, Wilkie; Germaine Vany, Cut Knife; and Marie Alexander of Unity.

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