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Canadian Coasters cruise into Macklin as part of cross-country tour

Thirty-two classic and collector vehicles arrived in Macklin as part a cross-country tour.

MACKLIN — Summer is the season for car collectors in various clubs and organizations to shine. It was Macklin’s turn to experience car enthusiasts as part of the group known as Canadian Coasters, arrived at the Macklin Regional Park on Aug. 21 for an overnight stay.

This was the last of nearly a half dozen events hosted at Macklin's park this summer with numerous provincial ball events held earlier in the summer as well as the annual Bunnock World Championship held August long weekend.

The Coasters drive from coast to coast not only to see Canada but to show off their classic and collector cars. The Saskatchewan leg of the 2022 tour stopped over in Willow Bunch, Saskatoon and Macklin before making their way into Alberta.

The group has a website for people to learn more about their history and their adventures each year. The next tour is planned for 2027 and if you have the money, time and a vehicle that is at least 25 years old, you might consider that tour.

This tour will be the 55th anniversary of the original 1967 tour and will embrace the history of our transportation heritage. The tour is limited to 60 vehicles to include cars, light trucks and motorcycles 25 years old and older, stock or modified.

Macklin Regional Park Manager Lorne Kohlman said they had been contacted in November of 2021 by the Canadian Coasters group to book space for their 2022 tour. The group had been in Macklin before, as their tour runs only once every five years.

Initially, the tour group was expected on Aug. 20 however they got held up at Cruise Night in Saskatoon and decided to forego travelling at night, thus arriving by noon on Aug. 21 morning.

Kohlman says, “There were 32 vehicles that arrived, 30 of them with camper units. Many townsfolks came out to meet and greet the coasters and looking at the vehicles that were part of the group. There was a vintage 1929 Model A pulling a camper, and a 1945 GMC three-quarter ton truck pulling a matching two-tone green trailer behind it. Other vehicles ranged in age, even including some from the ‘70s and newer.”

During their stay in Macklin, a tour organizer had mentioned their group was interested in bunnock after getting a tour pamphlet from the giant size bunnock bone upon entry to town. Kohlman arranged for a demonstration game of bones and others told the group about their world championship event held at the park each year.

Those who took in the opportunity to meet or greet with the coasters or just come and peruse the vehicles that arrived said they think the oldest participants may have been in their 80s, while the youngest participants looked to be in their 30s. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing tales of their travels while marvelling at the classic cars and trucks they were driving the coast-to-coast tour in.