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Coronation of King Charles marked in interesting ways

While the day didn't gather as much hype as previous royal events, the coronation of King Charles still had some people marking the historic event in their own unique ways.

UNITY — Just shy of 70 years since his mother, in June of 1953, Queen Elizabeth was crowned and celebrated in a coronation ceremony, her son, 74, will be officially crowned King Charles III.

Those who witnessed the historical event say it will bring back fond memories for them. One senior’s advice to the new king is, “Always be happy in your responsibility to your country. Be kind and be fair to everyone you serve and remember your mother’s wisdom and approach in everything you do as king.”

Much has changed since the queen’s reign including the impact of the internet. The UK has had 17 different prime ministers since then and experienced a global pandemic.

Charles has suffered in both the media and people’s opinions of him. He earned the scorn of millions for his divorce of the “People’s Princess,” Diana, and his marriage to Camilla are among some of the issues that dog the king.

He inherits all of the opinions of those who said and felt his mother was one of the best monarchs to have served the commonwealth, putting him in a position to live up to her reputation as ruler as well as setting the tone for how he will rule.

We asked residents in our readership communities how they will mark this moment in history.

Unity and District Heritage Museum said there was no celebration for the museum as everyone seemed to be busy elsewhere, preparing to open for the summer.

A museum spokesperson said, “Kind of sad when there were such big celebrations for King Edward, King George and Queen Elizabeth. Times have changed.”

The Unity Legion said their local branch wasn’t enacting any kind of special ceremony but the Dominion, Legion Head Office had something planned.

Parkview Place residents provided their advice to the king through a whiteboard statement.

Freelance reporter Helena Long welcomed a new addition to the family farm, dubbing the newest arrival, Charles, in honour of the new king. Long said she was going to grab a nap after getting up at 2:30 a.m. to watch the coronation events of the day in the UK and went out to feed her animals to find this surprise.