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Detours down, highway travel around Unity has new route

Deadends and detours no longer part of travellers experience, as the Highway 21 bypass opened Sept. 15.

UNITY — After just under seven months of construction phase and 22 days of detours, the new Highway 21 bypass is now complete and open for traffic.

To many, a new road may not seem that exciting of a story but for Unity residents, Sept. 15 was either a normally heavy traffic day or there were lots of drivers wanting to check out, and familiarize themselves with, the new stretch of highway as there seemed to be a steady stream of traffic on the new road.

Residents watched the arrival of an abundance of road construction then proceed to dig and move earth while preparing land for the construction of a new bypass. The project started in March of 2022 and the road was opened for travellers on Sept. 15, after lines were painted and highway signs erected to complete the work.

The $5.6 million project will support economic growth while supporting safety in the area as Highway 21 north now runs around Unity rather than through the west side of town where it was once situated near residential areas.

The two-kilometre bypass includes grading and asphalt surfaces as well as construction of one kilometre of additional service roads.

As per the Aug. 15 story on our website $5.6M bypass at Highway 21 in Unity nears completion - , the project was completed in partnership amongst the Ministry of Highways, the town of Unity, the RM of Round Valley and the North West Terminal.

Some residents say it may take some time to get used to the new route, but the majority spoke to say they are happy with the outcome.